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I feel so BAD i've failed!!


Last night i dunno what happened a monster took over my body and i went to the fridge and ate :(

I managed to scoff down chicken and lettace topped with cheese coldslaw along with a pork pie a big bag of crisps and inbetween eating a was swigging mouthfulls of wine!! It lasted about 5mins and everything was gone! I ate it all so quick i didnt have time to even stop and think. It was horrible :cry: I've ruined all my hard work the last week!!

I bet i have put on weight this week and i am totally devistated!! I am back on the diet today and have been really good, I wont be letting this happen again. I didnt have any packs yesterday i was so busy and i think it got to the stage i was so hungry i didnt even think about what i was doing untill it was to late. I wont be letting myself get to that stage again i am gonna make sure i spread my packs throughout the day.

I feel horrible now to tell you the truth. I lasted through the cinema, funfair,BBQ,pub, meals out, Pizza orders and everything why on earth did i do this to myself :sigh:

Totally and utally gutted that i am gonna put on weight this week :cry: I've ruined all that hard work i have done
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I guess having a plan to get back on it 100% is the best damage limitation you can do. Remember how you feel right now and it may stop the same ever happening again. You sound positive and focused about getting back on track. Good luck :)
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hey hunny im sure you wont have put anything on this week, it was only one bad day. but the hardest thing is getting started again after a slip up and you've done that great :)


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Don't worry, happened me aswell.. :( Which is way the past few days I've not been posting because I was ashamed..! :sigh: Starting again tomorrow and I will stay on it no matter what! I'll come on here each evening, or go for a swim, to distract myself. Everyone will be sick of me I'll be posting so much..! lol..!



please try again
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you have not failed hun. you only fail when you stop trying
you had a blip, its over and done with and tomorrows another day
ive had bad weeks where ive eaten one day and still lost a lb or 2 and then ive had badddddddd weeks where ive eaten everything in sight and gained 9lb, ive got back on track each time and got the gain back off again
Thanks claire, you have lost so much weight and you are doing fantastic, so hearing that you have done that same makes me feel a little less like a have failed because look how fantastic you have done and all that weight you have lost. I am back on the diet today and have been 100% so i know i can get back on track, i wont be letting this happen again. Thanks everyone for your support xxxx


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You need to take a note here...the fact you feel really bad about shows that you still have that strong desire to lose weight. You need to just dest yourself down and get back on track chicken, it will be okay .. you have done really really good so far. One days food hopefully will not set you back for too long. remember - like everything in life ... if at first you dont succeed ....


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Hi sweetie,

I didn't want to read and run - I hope you're ok. xx

Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a crappy weekend and I can fully sympathise with you - not on CD but on a diet in general.
You feel like you've failed when you go off course but you haven't and you've also done really well by getting straight back on it. usually when I've slipped up on a diet my brain has just thought "well that's it" and I'll go on an almighty binge!! :(

Well done for getting back on it and think of this as a learning curve :) If you feel so bad this time then remember how you feel and next time if you're hungry or struggling then remember it. :)

I hope you're ok and have a good week hon. If you ever want to chat my inbox is always open xxx
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you have not failed hun. you only fail when you stop trying
Totally agree ^^

Remember how you are feeling now the next time you get tempted. Good luck x


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I've done this too. I don't know why I do it and can't explain it but I feel like I can't stop myself and grab anything I can fine to scoff. Also like you I do it so quick I don't have time to take a second thought.

Great for getting back on CD.

Good luck x x


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well done for getting straight back on track x

X debs X


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I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you hadnt had any of your shakes. Everytime I ahve gone without anything until the evening I have binged. I've really struggled with CD until this last week and the only thing I am doing differently is I am having a shake at lunch, one about 3-4pm and then saving the last one until 7ish. It seems to be getting me through the evening cravings.

Big H

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Don't beat yourself up Tasha, you have proved how strong you are by resisting all those tempations and BBQ and cinema, you HAVE PROVED you can do this! Pretend yesterday never happened and get back on the straight and narrow. You can't affect the past, so what's the point in worrying about it, you can only affect the future, so focus on that x
Only a five minute blip, compared to your days of motivation and resisting temptation:) You have done it before you can do it again.
Just put it down to a learning curve.
Good for you getting back on cd:)
Just don't beat yourself up about it, draw a line and carry on:)

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