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I feel tempted today :(


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Hey hon .
6th day your doing fab........ are you being weighed tomorrow??
Dont feel tempted.. keep yourself busy your doing fab..
I am on week 12 and have felt like that a couple of times out of the whole time.. but you need to do something to keep your mind of thinking about food...... read a mag, book, go for a walk, tv, come on here anything just keep busy.........
Its so worth it hon............. xxx
Thanks Curly, I got weighed yesterday, as I messed up last weekend, and restarted on the monday (I only had the soups, whicj I couldnt stomach and my CDC was away for the weekend).

I do come on here when I need some encouragement, just reading other peoples success so far, can spur me on.

But how can I get rid of this rumbling? Is really distracting. x


Cambridge Consultant
I do get rumbling sometimes.. but I just try and ignore it. theres nothing much you can do other than do something to not think about it and just try and drink more water.. Not sure how much you are having ...
Im drinking 3-4 ltrs a day :) I havent had any coffee or tea, I know its allowed, but Im going for total detox mode!

Only two weeks ago, I was having up to 8 expresso strength coffees a day, and 5-6 cans of redbull- Yikes! Glad I got that sorted before doing CD! LOL x


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I am glad I am not the only one struggling. Day 6 has been a nightmare for me too although I think its mainly cos its the first day of the weekend. During the week, when I am at work, I can distract myself but at home, the temptation is there.

IN saying there, my house is very clean today. Hooray for ketosis!
Hi Nat, so your on day 6 too? Its nice to have someone who is at the same stage as me!!


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are you on the flavourings for water, if so see if you can have some of it as a hot drink.
how are you feeling now?


is going to do this!
Hi Nat, so your on day 6 too? Its nice to have someone who is at the same stage as me!!
Hey, I'm on Day 5 too :) We can all stick together! I've had rumbling sometimes, you just have to distract yourself, it soon goes away.
Usually I'm not craving food out of hunger, but either boredom or just because I'm used to having a "real" meal. It will get easier though, you only need to look around you on this forum to see it is possible :)

Good luck!
Sometimes the rumbling is the water settling in your stomach. If I have drank alot of water in a short space of time my stomach rumbles too.


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Well I got through day six by spending the evening putting gel nails on. It worked hurrah! Distraction is the tool eh.

Its good to hear the results and news of others at the same stage. x