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i felt like i was in labour

yesterday was the mother f***er of any bad constipation days i have ever had.:eek:what started with a mild cramp turned me into a panting wreck.:(4 suppositories and 3 laxatives later i was practically on all fours calling out to god to help me,.i shuffled around the house doing deep breathing to ease the pain,while my oh looked at me sheepishly afraid to say anything in case i took the head off of him.eventually i took 2 nurefon plus and fell asleep for three hours from pure mental and physical exhaustion..was only this morning i "went",,,,anyone been through this..i swear i would put it in the same league as labour .feel alot better since i "went",,just terrified of it happening again,eventhough i take 3 senekot every other day,,,anything better than senekot other than dulcolux{they give me serious cramps}xxxxxxxxxxx
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i've only tried dulcolax and like you they give me really bad cramps - i'll still be taking them before WI on wednesday though! lol

there is fibreclear as well but it did nothing for me
thanks missey im on top of the world now.same as you vickie fibreclear was useless.xxxxx


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i use ex lax chocolate squares!!! I know I know, but they are so small they have never knocked me out of ketosis, it is the most gentle releif i can find, senna and ducolax give me cramps.

the other one is senna tea, called slimmertea from H&B, but it has fruit in it and dont know if it could stop ketosis, so i stick with ex lax every 4/5 days, one square usually does it.

for pain releif, avoid anything with codeine in as this can cause constipation too.

paracetamol is good as it relaxes nerves too, and good for helping you sleep.


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Iv used dulcolax twice and both times if felt like i was in labour and then i fainted. Just had to take another one today so im a bit anxious because i now in about 6 hours in going to be lying on the floor in pain!!!!! Think maybe i should up my water intake and maybe i wont need to take them again


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I'd definitely be upping the water. I know I'm still new but I can't get out of my head the pharmacist saying the more I drink, the less problems I will have with bowel movements. And reading your post I think I am going to add another pint lol
Hope you get some relief.


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I have been lucky regular but small :)

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