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I finally have Will Power!!!

Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
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After trying various diets for a while I have discovered I want to lose weight loads more than I want to cheat and fill my face with brownies!! This morning I woke up and was adamant that I was gonna have a treat day and get brownies and cream and quiche!! So got up and drove myself to Tescos to get the necessaries, only to find walking down the cake aisle myself cringing at the thought and then knowing how I would feel afterwards!!! And also that I would practically binge and the sugar rush would leave me wanting more afterwards. So instead I get some vege and a punnet of strawberries come back and have a three egg omelete three rashers of trimmed off fat bacon mushrooms and cottage cheese followed by a few strawberries!!
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Well done to you!!! I have been in the same situation and it feels great when you resist and opt for the slimming world way instead!! I always feel down and depressed after eating "naughty" things anyway so its never worth it.


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Well done!!

You know it's funny, because when I walk past the cake aisle now, it makes me feel a little sick.... I used to eat cakes/choc on a regular basis (ie EVERY day) and now... I really can't face it. I had a small piece of my daughters birthday cake a couple of weeks ago, and I made sure it was a tiny slice, and I had to take the icing off because it was too sickly... A few weeks ago I'd have been able to eat the whole cake!!

Mrs V

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Well done for resisting temptation!
You dont need the cakes or brownies to temporarily feel good, they only make you feel guilty afterwards and are definitely not worth it!


Still rockin' it
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Just brilliant!!!!

I think if ever you have an uncontrollable urge to binge you should do exactly this- have a controlled 'binge' on free food. There is no guilt afterwards, often you can't actually eat as much as you intended as free food is so filling and you don't get that horrible ill feeling afterwards because free food is full of goodness

Really amazing achievement, mate


Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
S: 13st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.8%)
Thank you all !! xx

Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
S: 13st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.8%)
Do you know this make me feel soooo much better just having support x


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It's so much easier to have willpower on SW because there is so much good food you can eat. My husband and I went to the Cosford Airshow and Sunday and I was determined not to visit any of the food vans there so I prepared loads of SW food to take with us. I cooked a load of chicken legs and thighs, made up cous cous, pasta salad, potato salad, rice salad and veg salad. I also brought loads of fruit salad and some muller light yogurts and sugar free jelly. We had a feast and ate loads and I didn't once feel I needed to buy anything. I thought I'd brought too much food but we ate all of it and it felt really naughty. However, I still lost 2lbs today.
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I think everyone has a trigger food.

With me, it's Doritos. I *know* that if I start eating Doritos I won't stop. It's (much) easier for me to have none at all than a limited amount.


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that is really great, well done you!
it feels good to "resist" and turn to foods we are alloud doesnt it.
makes you feel like you achieved something.
keep going:D


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What a fantastic step forward, huge well done for finding your will power :)

Cobweb x


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I'm with you! The number of times I've found myself with a basket full of naughties without really thinking what I was doing. I've been putting them back on the shelves and reminding myself I can have a kitkat or fibre+ bar & an options if I want something sweet.
The most important thing I find I can do is to not go shopping hungry, this is what helps put me off the most!!

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