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I gave up! Is there any hope?

Right i'll just inform you of my situation.
I went for my first CD meeting with my CDC on wednesday last week.. She weighed me gave me sachets in all different flavors [soups, shakes and porriage]
Day one - I hated every shake i had that day, i had the Porriage orig [Yuck], Chick & mush soup [Yuck], and then the butterscotch [Yuck].. and i only had like half of each and then chucked them all.
Then, the next day i tried some more, it got to the evening, and because i really hated the flavors of them and had chucked them after like 2 or 3 spoonfuls, i was absolutely starving, because to me it was like nearly 2 days without anything to eat, so i ate a few little things.
I then thought to myself, right on Saturday i will just mix up all the rest of the flavors, try them all that day, see which ones i like so i could inform my CDC on Wednesday for my WI & until i get some more sachets on wednesday that i actually like, i will eat food up until then, then re-start again on Wednesday.

I have been sat thinking about it all night, and i feel like an absolute failure, i feel like i should of just grinned and beared it all and just got on with it this week.
Am i ever going to be strong enough to do this?
I am desperate to lose weight, literally desperate and i want to do it more than anything and seriously re-start on Wednesday when i go for my next appointment.
I am really upset by this and i am going to sit and try all my flavors with my mum tomorrow and see what i like and what i don't like. I am deadly serious on losing weight.. i just feel like an absolute idiot.
Will this first week really affect me in any way of starting again on WED?

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It can be so difficult untill you find something that you enjoy and you're not failing if you keep going with it! dont know if you should see it as a restart though but if it helps then call it a restart!

Good luck with finding some flavours you enjoy, I mainly have the choc mint, banana or strawberry shakes now and bars(allowed from week 3) but started off trying the soups and porridges.


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I didnt like them to start with either, i held my nose and chucked em down, have you tried the tetras i live on the chocolate ones ice cold i love them now.

Some of the flavours will grow on im sure choc mint not bad.

Give it another go, you can only try, good luck hun
You are definitely not a failure, go to your counsellor on Wednesday and only order the things you like, I only liked porridge and chocolate shakes so that I all I had and This was fine as long as you don’t get bored, starving yourself I not good you probably never got to ketosis so you did lose anything really other than money on the things you did not like. The counsellors are normally good and you can swap them for things you do like. It is difficult to find what you like its normally trail and error.
Wish you the best for your weigh in
Tess xx
Hi - I started my cb journey on sat morning straight after meeting with my counsellor - she took me through all the 'packets' etc and ofcorse i have a sweet tooth so when looking at the shakes picked

chocolate mint
strawberry - only one i havent tried yet but the others are lovely.

I only got 2 of each just in case i didnt like and have tried the soup (spicey tomato)

my concellsor said if i didnt like to bring back unopened. It may just be a matter of trail and error with whioch ones you like - i have added more that the required water - just a little. Honestly dont feel like a failure - just keep at it - my counsellor has said if you can make it to day 3-4 then your over the worst. just perservere and try them all!

Im only at day 2!! start tomorrow with what you have rather than wait till wed!! you will be fine

Dont get me wrong - tried a soup today and it wasnt the greatest but im hanging in there and looking forward to trying another one on wed!! my first meeting with my counsellor too..



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Awwwwwww bless - its must be really really difficult - however try this and see if it works.....

1 x pack vanilla
1 x pack chocolate

Mix em up together then divide into 4, add a tspn coffee and a sweetner or 2 to each serving, add hot water & you have a mocha choca latte! They got me through my 1st couple of weeks, tho my CDC has allowed me the bars & mousse mix from week 2 so I have been having 2 lattes (1 pack) 1 mousse (1 pack) & 1 bar (1 pack).



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I love the shakes, I fill a pint glass up, leaving an inch at the top, poir into my jug, set my blender on high and it's all frothy, add some ice cubes and it's bliss !

I couldn't drink with less water - yack ! Why don't you try this?


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Aww hun, I sympathise with you totally, I was petrified that I wouldn't like the taste of the shakes and out of the 7 flavours I tried I only liked 4 which I have now put down to 3 as I end up not enjoying Banana anymore as it tastes a little fake if you see what I mean, hopefully you will find some which you like, I now have 3 shakes and 4 soups which I enjoy and that is going to be my 'food' for the next few weeks, couldn't do it if I didn't enjoy them though...

Good luck


is on a mission......!
I love the shakes, I fill a pint glass up, leaving an inch at the top, poir into my jug, set my blender on high and it's all frothy, add some ice cubes and it's bliss !

I couldn't drink with less water - yack ! Why don't you try this?
Yes - I always have to use a pint of it is too intense, splitting them up is good as well! xxxxxx
Thankyou for your ideas and encouragment ladies.
Its really helped.
such good ideas.. my counsellor did mention about the lattes but never thought of mixing them up.. humm.. a few ideas for whem in bored of the plain old chocolate, strawberry and mint chocolate (although i dont think this will happen) lol..


I live off two types of shakes at the moment.

Vanilla shake in the morning, made with 450ml hot water, a sweetner and two spoons of coffee. Lovely!

And choc tetra during the day.

Either a vanilla mousse at night or a shake of some sort.

There has to be one you like, even if its the choc tetra. Your tastes will change on CD too, so you'll find yourself trying things you didn't like a few weeks previously.

Week 3 you can get the bars which makes it a whole lot easier as opens up other options.
I lived off just the chocolate shake for about 5 weeks, then I added choc mint and choc orange, and that is all I have now..... I have half a packet mixed with a mug of hot water and drink them all hot, I think they are revolting if mixed with the amount of water stated on the pack, I always double it, hence the half a pack at a time, I also get to have 6 a day that way too...


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I mix much more water than they recommend as they're completely vile otherwise. At least 600ml, if not 800. It IS trial and error, and can take a while to find something you can tolerate. I say tolerate deliberately, rather than like!

Top tips:
LOADS more water than they suggest for mixing them up with
Large mug (double sized) two spoons of coffee, sweetner tablet, about a third of a pack of choc shake whizzed in (get an aerolatte to do this at your desk/on the move)
Same mug, make up half a mug strong mint tea, about 1/4 choc pack, top up hot water, whizz. Add a sweetner if you like.

I shouldn't really recommend this as they don't like you to 'cook' with the packs, but do check out the recipes sticky, there's lots of other things you can do with them. I used to like half a pack of soup made up as proper soup and the other half made into 'crisps'.

Thanks again!
Although the coffee idea is good, i don't like coffee LOL. So i will have to put up with them in the other suggestions.
Blend the shakes in a smoothie maker with ice, so much better.


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I cried my first day on CD, not because I was hungry but because I couldn't stand any of the flavours... and it wasn't much better the next day, half ended up down the sink. I really thought I wasn't going to be able to do it.

My CDC gave me Tetra's and bars in the first week, as I couldn't cope with any of the shakes and I never looked back. I live on Chocolate and banana tetra's and peanut and cranberry bars, as they are the only things that I like (and I really love them). Although you aren't supposed to have these in the first week, if it is a case of not being able to continue with the shakes, your CDC may make an exception, and honestly they are soo much better, none of that powdery taste.

Try and stick with it though, it is worth it. Its the only diet I have managed to stick to 100% and the results speak for themselves.


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PS.... regarding tetra's above, I blend with ice, and they are like a MacDonalds thick shake.

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