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I give in, i'll start the daily!! **It's Sunday!!! Let's take it hour by hour**

I can't live without this thread, there's no way i can SS without it. Makes me feel slightly more human knowing there are others doing this diet :)

Got up at 8 and felt the need to do some uni work - got a new job and it's full time (hehe, still in uni too) but im so bored with uni that i'm having to do something to keep myself sane but it also means i have to step up with uni stuff.

I NEARLY gave in last night, thank god for Georgie :D thank you soooooooo much honey xxx

Something unfortunate has just happened to prevent uni work though - i found the first two episodes of the new series of my favouritie TV programme on the tinterweb :D:D:D so it's on in the background (watch me not do any work for the next 2 hours :rolleyes:)

Going to make a to do list, seeing how much i have to do kinda makes me do some work!

Have a good day all xxxxx
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Morning babes, I'm here for you anytime and glad you made it through the night - take it one day at a time hun.

Well about to shift my backside as off up to the Midlands today, as we are away over Christmas we are getting together with my brother and his other half as a sort of pre-christmas thing at my parents. Been planning on getting in the shower for the past hour - must get on!!

Hope everyone has a great day.

Ooooh, have a fab time. You off to Solihull? ;) Was there on friday! Showertime skinny, speak to you later xxx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Just having a ciggie and then I will move - promise!! Yep Solihull it is - speak to you later hun and be good whilst I'm away.



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Good morning you lovelies......

Have a great day in Solihill Georgie, have you shiffted that butt yet???lol

Leah hun xx If in doubt...msn it out (i'm a poet lol).. enjoy your progs.

1 green tea down and on 1st litre water...............AND.................................I'm in the 10's this morning Yay hay!!!!! at Blardy long last...the end is in sight!!

Have a great day all

Be back in a min
WOW MAGGIE!!! That's so fab :)
Don't encourage me with MSN girlie, i have enough distractions! hehe but i know you're there to keep me on the straight and narrow ;)
Written my list, just need to find a load of review papers, i just find studying breast cancer so sad :(
I'll be lurking all day xxx


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Mornin folks!! i am yet again in a really good mood cos today is MY LAST DAY AT WORK!!! WOOHOO!!!
glad i got that out of my system. bit worried cos when im at work i usually hold off till half 11 or 12 before havin my first tetra but had to open it there now cos i felt ravenous! i only one more bar with me and im here til 6. think ill have to glug loads of water.
will b lurking here and on msn all day as there isnt a chance that im goin to do any work hee hee.
Thanks Tara, i know you are definitely all there for me and i'm so grateful :D

I think it was just the effect of the massive amount of calories i had to deal with the night before - don't think i even told you all!!

Basically, went to the doctor to get more skin stuff and he told me to drink a solution which is the same as yakult (just with more probiotic) but it was 1500 cals ish!!! So i text Nicky, she said that it was prob a good idea to sacrifice SS for my health, so i drank it. My skin is gorgeous by this morning, and when i'm off CD i shall defo be taking yakult every day for my eczema :D
So strictly speaking i think i was only tempted by food because of my intentional intake of a huge amount of calories. Means that my weight loss will be rubbish this week, but i'm not to bothered tbh. Wasn't able to sleep cos my skin was so bad, now i'm all smooth and lush.

Argh, stop distracting me from work!! xx
Oh dammit, work is going down the pan - HEY DEL! :D


Talks too much
lol, hey leah! bit annoyed now, first tetra is finished and its too cold to start drinking water yet. me thinks a cup of tea must b made, anyone want one? how many tabs of sweetner do u want??
go green del :)
Multiple pathways of DNA disintegration during neuronal apoptosis

Found a good article, now i'm going through the references. I know it's prob very boring, but have a quick look at the link just to see what i have to read! I have to go through about 50 of these articles and the worst bit is finding relevant material.
That one talks about neurons, i need breast cells. The picture is spot on though.

Fallen asleep yet? It's well boring innit?
Wanna make me a GT hun? xxx
haha! you really coming to cardiff?

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