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I give up every day

S: 17st8lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 3st1lb(17.48%)
Ive been trying this for nearly 2 weeks but every day i give in,i feel so fed up why cant i be good like everyone else, i lost 4st last year on sureslim but then just put it all back on cause im gready, im getting married and really dont want to be fat :cry:.where has my will power gone .
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You need to focus on one day at a time. The hunger WILL pass but only if you persevere. If necessary set aside a couple of days where you can really get started, put up with the hunger etc.

The other thing is, maybe a VLCD just isnt the way to go, if youre struggling as much as this maybe youd be better looking at WW or SW or something.
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oh dear- feel for you - have you thought that maybe your head is not in the right place to begin -have you considered taking a break -taking the pressure off - then trying again - alternatively as starlight suggests what about a less austere approach initially - goodluck with hatever you decide
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I really sympathise. I've been married 13 years and don't think I really attempted to lose weight beforehand, which is something I will regret for ever.

My darling Dad used to say to me "dieting is all in your head", meaning if your mind's not in the right place you won't succeed. I used to think he was bonkers, but I know now what he meant.

No matter how much you are looking forward to your wedding, they are very stressful and maybe dieting is one thing too many to concentrate on at the moment.

I'm sure the right moment to start will come, and when it does be ready and go for it. Meanwhile, don't keep beating yourself up because that just makes it harder.

Best of luck.


Rebel without a calorie
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Is it hunger or feeling deprived that causes you to fail? If it's hunger then you will have a tough time to start with until you get into ketosis. But knowing that its only a few days away IF you stick to it 100% really helps. If its just wanting to eat because you feel deprived then maybe VLCD isn't for you.
You haven't put any stats on so I don't know how much you have to lose. Are you trying this for the speed because you have your wedding deadline?


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The first few days are very hard on this diet. Here's what I do to get through it:

1) Drink lots! When your tummy is full of water you can't have hunger pangs.
2) Distract myself. Make sure you have very busy days.
3) Split the packs. I have my 3 packs as 6 drinks. It means I 'eat' about every 3 hours.
4) If I just can't bear it I let myself eat some ham.

So far (and I've been on a VLCD 3-4 times now) that's always worked for me. If this doesn't then I agree with the ladies above. You have other choices.
S: 17st8lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 3st1lb(17.48%)
its not that i get hungry i just feel like im missing out ive been sucessfull before on LL and CD so i know that i can do the vlcds,I think its just that i do feel pressure about fitting in my wedding dress and is maybe why i do what i do, i currently weigh 14.5lbs and would like to be at least 12 st by the wedding.
thank you for all your replies i will try and get my head in gear x
S: 21st11lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 45.7 Loss: 3st5lb(15.41%)
I only started this week, and it has been fine (other than the soups making me burp - a minor inconvenience!), but I know what you feel about "missing out" on something. I have my packs and I feel satisfied with the amount of food but, knowing I can have nothing until the next pack, keeps making me think "what shall I do now?".

When are you getting married?
S: 17st8lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 3st1lb(17.48%)
I just find it hard not to pick when im making the family dinner,i used to have so much will power i wish it would come back:( im getting married in feb x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
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firstly ! i order you to stop beating yourself up!
secondly you will be a beautiful bride, no matter how much you weigh, as it is the love and happiness that we feel on that special day that shines through... not the bingo wings not the lumps and bumps. I promise not one person at a wedding looks at those things first before the smile on your face.
Thirdly... he asked you to marry him as you are silly woman xxx SSSooooo te conclusion is... You are stunning to him, it is brilliant you want to lose the weight, a really great goal to aim for. BUT, you are doing it for you. so ease that pressure off of yourself a little.

Lets look at what you weigh now and the time frame you have... you need to lose about 2 stone ish, to be in you comfort zone...

Please dont let this diet make you feel down.. it is such a magic, exciting and stressful time already leading up to the wedding day, dont let the lumpy bits and the fight to shed them, overshadow all the memories in the run up to it.

Losing two stone is so doable in the time scale on the total solution.... but then maybe it is also doable on one of the other solutions, healthy for example, where you get to eat a meal also..

make this diet work for you.. you are losing the weight for you so kick the space food packs in the bottom and regain the control hehe.. show them who is boss.

Maybe start on the healthy solution and as you ease into it, move onto the total. People will have and do lose the lumpy bits that way, plus having the meal means you may feel less deprived. Also if you plan ahead to know you can look forward to a meal in the evening, it might be the incentive you need to stay on track for the rest of the day.
Maybe see how the scales react after a week or so of this. It is possible to do the meal while staying in ketosis, the booklet has a nice list of food.

You have already done the vlcds, so you know you can achieve it, even though when we all start we think.. grrrrr this is impossible!
You should be proud of yourself, not getting frustrated by yourself lovely one. You have already experienced one, and decided to come back for more! that is willpower and inner strength.

If it is the whole missing out on cooking, I used to suffer with that too, I combated it by making my soups on the hob in a saucepan, adding herbs and spices etc, to fool my mind into being satisfied.
I have a space food cupboard, all of my food, so i dont have to reach across nice things or temptations of the families laying in wait to pounce onto my tongue.

Now i enjoy a whole lot of cooking and live or eat vicariously through watching them eat.
I admit to start with the best way i found of ensuring i didnt feel i was missing out, was to pamper myself, run a bath, leave the household to eat their food, while i wallowed like a mini hippo in a candle lit highly smelly bathroom, door locked against the food odours.

You can do this, it doesnt matter which way, or what plan, we are here to support you.

Like the very wise lovely ones have said, the diet starts up in the old noggin, so maybe start fresh at the weekend.

If you do give into temptation, try not to think.. sod it might as well finish eating it all.. have a nibble and leave it.
you only have to survive until the next space food pack... like starlight says, do it tiny steps, meal to meal, not day to day week by week, the first week as you remember can be horrendous, but it does get better.
Most importantly dont tell yourself off to much! Every time you feel bugger I gave in, turn it around into, yeah yeah bugger, I know to avoid that next time. The sheer fact it annoys you, is a good start on getting onto this diet totally. You arent sat happily stuffing your face... you are making a change! You decided to try so treat yourself nicely and say.. i rock ;)

Be proud of how great you look now, and how great you will look in five or so months.

You will be a stunning bride... believe in that, as that is why you are here already.

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I feel your pain. I've been giving up every day for the past week, and I was doing so well.
I think the best thing to do, is to question whether you're in the right mind set or not.
I'm not anymore at the moment.
So I'm trying to have the odd meal now and then, as long as it's high protein low carb. And then on days when I feel up for it, I do the 100%
This is just what gets me through it. And I'm trying to ease my way back into the full 100% that way.

Try to find a happy medium that works for you.
And keep up the courage :)
S: 17st8lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 3st1lb(17.48%)
just wanted to say thanks for all your support especially `short and dumpy`such sweet and kind words have nearly made it through my second day with being good x


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I'm feeling it too. My TFR motivation has completely gone and I really want to lose about a stone in 6 weeks. I ended up eating cauli rice and chicken tonight because the thought of nothing but a shake until 12 tomorrow made me want to cry. I'm so rubbish.
If I had more time I'd move onto sw but I have to get my head round this, I need to get back in the zone!!

Good luck, you'll definitely get there by feb whichever way you choose!

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