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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by nictastic, 7 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    baby!!! A puppy golden retreiver!!!! How cute!!!! Shes 8 weeks old and called tasha!! (as named by the boys) Tried to upload a pic but it wont let me for some reason
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  3. RachelA

    RachelA Silver Member

    Oh how lovely!! Im looking after a lab for 2 days and Ive fallen in love, you're so lucky!!! Congratulations xxx
  4. Olivia's Army

    Olivia's Army Full Member

    aw how cute.....i would love a dog, but hate walking in the rain! lol
  5. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    here we are 07082008323.jpg
  6. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Haha yeah walking in the rain stinks...but, we have a 20metre garden so plenty of running room!!!
  7. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    which is the dog pic nicster ;-p xxx
  8. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    i am being very slow as i know there is something in your comment but not sure what you are getting at!!
  9. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    lol xxxxx loves ya really wuff wuff!!!
  10. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Silver Member


    Awwwww puppppiiieeessssss - don't forget what comes with them though..

    Peeing on floor
    S**tting on floor
    Crying all night cause missing 'the pack'
    Fur all over
    Stinky dog food
    Walks in the rain/sleet/snow/weather
    Holes in your lawn
    Holes in your furniture

    But hey.... then there's the good bit

    Man catchers
    Great for kids

    YouTube - Labrador Puppies Ben and Tegan

    Love em all - wouldn't be without mine :D

    Name please ??????
  11. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    lmao...thats my bro anyway...cant you tellhis huge belly...i aint fat anymore!!!!
  12. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    LOL Oh i know...and so do my 11 yr old (new puppy dad) i read dogs can really help kids with Aspergers communicate and learn how to deal with emotions ...as well as being all the loveable things you said!!!!
    Shes called Tasha xx
  13. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Awww how cute is he???!!
  14. 2hourglass

    2hourglass Silver Member

    Ahh cute....
    I think i've read that they can be a calming influence and a positive distraction ??
  15. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    SHE lol she's my little princess lol...well, until she pee's on my bed or similar!!!
  16. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    who me:p xx
  17. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    lolxx oh yeah baby... so you been out pulling yet?
  18. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

  19. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    awwwww she's well cute nic. can i have her? xx
  20. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    LOL yeah, if you give me 400 quid for her and take my boys too LOL
    She is a cutie!!!
  21. SarahC4107

    SarahC4107 Full Member

    She is soooooooooooooooooo cute! God I would love a dog too but cba with picking up the poo! xx

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