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I got asked tonight....

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kids are kids unfortunately, when i was preg my 6yr old though everyone else must be preg too, then she asked me the otherdat was i having another one cos ive got a big belly.. it was a kick in the guts.. dont worry let it roll off your back, dont let it get u down, ur doing well keep it up! hugs nic x
dont worry about what a kid says. life is so black and white to them. my 2 yr old pointed to a rather large lady in the shops the other week and yelled 'look mummy she has a baby in her tummy'. clearly she didnt. i was mortified but she just laughed - on the outside anyhow! they dont mean any offence - he probably just has recent experience of a pregnant lady.


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Kids, unfortunately, are cruelly honest! When I was 18 I worked in a school and as I was so ahamed of my size I covered up with really baggy tops. One day one of the kids asked why I was wearing my dads t-shirt! I was quite embarrassed as I obviously looked really bad in it, also I was a lot bigger than my dad and his t-shirts wouldn't have fitted me! But they are just kids hun, I know it's hard but you have to let it go over your head. You are on the path to a smaller you so those comments will soon be a thing of the past! x

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As the others have said Hun, children are innocent and everything is black and white. My Daughter is telling everyone that Mummy is having a Baby brother for her (news to me!!), but now rubs my tummy and says..there's no baby there now mummy!!
Just think; you are doing something to change all of that, so just laugh it off and keep on plan.

Take care

you are all right its just my worst place and its horrible that someone else notices to. hopefully when im at goal, which is a stone away, that jelly belly will be gone lol
You should of told him yeah, and when it was born it was going to live with him in his bedroom.

Dont worry, I think a lot of us over weighty ladies are at a certain stage in pregancy LOL. Just think when you have lost the weight at least you wont have to get up in the night.

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