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I got through day one


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It was fine actually. Just been to a meeting and thought I'd timed it right for them to all have finished eating. No!! They were tucking into lasagne and profiteroles but I wasn't tempted at all. Very proud of myself. Tomorrow is going to be horrible with work and the light headedness has kicked in too :cry:

Just had my last shake and am off to bed.

Roz x
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Well done Roz getting one day done and dusted!!!

You should be so proud of yourself!

Love Mini xxx


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well done you, you are on the way!!
Well done hun xx


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Well done & good luck for tomorrow x


Staying on plan!
Well done for getting through day 1 hun. as long as you are prepared for the "not so good days" you'll be fine i'm sure!


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Well done hun! I too am at the end of day 1! I quit smoking 2 weeks ago and today I really want a smoke, but if I can go another few days I reckon will have kicked the habbit for good and on CD! Wooo - good luck hun. I am going to bed soon to get this day over with!!!


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How is day 2 for you Rolo? My head is pounding - such a headache!!!! :(


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I've actually been fine today thankfully. I was dreading it as on my feet all day at work. I reckon the headache will kick in tomorrow but I'm only at work for 4 hours. Hope you feel better soon, we will both be in ketosis soon so don't give up!

Roz x


Gonna be skinny!
Glad it's going ok Roz. Our goals are quite similar. I have a goal of 2.5-3 stone by sept 12th (my bday) and we wanna lose similar amounts - and started same day! :)


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We will get there! I seem to have had a sudden burst of energy? I am definitely not in ketosis but having spent 8.5 hours on my feet, I've just tidied up and am now glossing the woodwork in the bathroom. Maybe the 5 litres I have drunk is keeping the headache at bay.

Time is a funny thing though. When I look at losing 3-3 1/2 stone by my birthday I think it's a very short time frame but then think " I can't really eat or drink alcohol for over 3 months" and it seems such a long time!


Gonna be skinny!
Yup, I know what u mean!!! I am really hungry tho - is driving me mad!
hi i'm a newbie too, i'm on day four now! have gotten over the physical need to eat it's the mental thing thats caused problems today- everyone and everything revolves around food! i just didnt appreciate it before!

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