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I had a gain this week

I had my first gain this week - only a pound and I know the reasons why. We had a week off timetable at school and did trips out leaving early and getting back much later than usual so eating properly kind of went out the window as did going to the gym. Also had a meal out where I looked at the menu and didin't fancy anything I should have. Therefore I had a lovely meal and didn't worry about it. But now have to get over my first gain in 19 weeks. :(

At wi last night my group were really supportive and decided that I'm usually going the direct and motorway route and that I should see this week as a brief stop at the service station! I like that analogy.

I've been back on track since Monday so hopefully a loss next time. Wish me luck.
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You know the reasons why so that's half the battle won. Stick to plan and you'll shift that and some more by next week's wi. Good luck!


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I find that if I know I've been off plan & had a little gain its ok, I try to view it as its worth it especially if I've enjoyed whatever I've indulged on :)

I think you're like me, I stick to it religiously & totally 100% but every now & then I have to have a blow put just to kick start, then I'll be back on track with losing.

Hope you get your loss next week :)



Trying... Really Trying.

I wouldnt get hung up about it, Yes its not great to gain, but your first in 19 weeks! I think we can let you off, think of all the weight you have lost and how you can get back onto it, the first step is realising why, the second is correcting it, the third is realising that you are doing great and if you lost last weeks battle, it wont stop you winning the war!
Thank you all for your kind words of support. I know I can do it and I feel back on track, I just worry about slipping more often. I'm one of these people who feels that this is an all or nothing venture and if things start going wrong I'll just give up and convince myself I can't do it, although I know this is complete rubbish. When all is going well I'm fine and have total confidence in myself, but when things don't go so right, that confidence goes very quickly and I don't see the positives and what I have achieved. I think I need to keep some perspective here!


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Don't worry I'm the same, if I dont' give 100% I think why bother. At least you'll get tons of support & encouragement on here to keep you going. You've done REALLY well so far (I'm jealous its your first gain in 19 weeks) so keep going :) x

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