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i had it done

My belly peirced ... he didnt go t hrough the same holes as i had it done before.. he did it above ... he used a hoop because the stud would of gone inwards cus of the flab​

when i stand up you can see the hoop (me personally think it looks stupid) .. when i lay down or stand up and stretch my belly its peirced my belly not my button lol..​

waste of £40 :(

oh well what the hell eh? :D
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not painfull at all no.... aslong as the place is clean and she keeps the plaster on for atleast 24 hours, and uses water or sterile soap to keep it clean she be ok :)

i on the other h and, took the plaster off as soon as i got home, and i uses my spit to move it round (i have a gold hoop)


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ahhhhh amethyst, but the bigger question is................
did u get the gelatine? :rotflmao:
ha ha leaf one... lol no good to me cus i dont have my gas hob connected ha ha

this weekend up in leicester so will get it from that tescos.. this one is rubbish :)

he he



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Take a piccie and stick it on here!
Just phoned about getting mine done - £25-£35 I'm gold. As soon as I get under 10 stone I am getting it done - hopefully the weekend of 7 June 2 weeks before my hols


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My god you've had a busy day!!!!
Piercing looks good gunna defo have mine done again before my hols x
yes had it all done today :)

i am sat here sobbing now, i think it looks awfull in my tummy.. my tummmy is hanging, it really is discusting :( i regret ever eating ...

just cant believe i got myself in this situation, ok only another 2 stone to go now, i have lost alot, but i am so not happy with myself, my boobs have shrunk big time, my legs and tum are both discusting.. i just cant see any loss in myself :(

just wondering weather to take this out ? i know i should i just being silly..

oh boy i am so insecure, just told oh i had it done and just moaned and groaned to him, i fear i will push him away cus of me being so insecure :(

even though i feel this way, i want to order a takeaway :( now i know why i was so big, cus i use food as comfort...


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