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I had my first bad slip-up.


Just stand back for a moment.

Your FIRST bad slip up? Well done you for all the time without a slip up.....

And... 5 cubes of white chocolate? That is maybe one whole bar? How many bars would you normally eat? I am guessing more than that....

Hey - it isn't the end of the world - don't dwell on it - just get back on the wagon. You will lose the weight and I really doubt a one off like this will put a dent in it.

Good luck


Losing the baby fat
be kinder to yourself - it was 5 cubes of white chocolate, so prolly less cals than milk chocolate. If you lose 3lbs this week its 3 lbs less of you.

don't be your own enemy. Youre only human, it's not a race, stick with it and you'll reach goal in the end and yes there will be slip ups along the way, probably worse than 5 cubes so really, when you look at it logically, you arent doing too bad!
And I'm feeling incredibly guilty about it now! The thing is, I KNEW I was doing bad at the time, so why did I carry on and eat those 5 cubes of white chocolate??

I was hoping to get my -4lb off this but I don't think that's going to happen anymore :(

Everyone has slip ups...... we are HUMAN!

My only advice would be to learn from it......what will you do differently next time?

I lost approximately 35 kilos and believe me I had slip ups! Everyone does! I just asked myself, 'what will I do differently next time'? Next time, I had a strategy. I hope that approach works for you.

Hang in there......I know you can do this! :)

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