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I had to!!!

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4 - Corr Lucas you dont do things by halfs. I have two Yorkies and adore them. After always having big dogs I didnt know what I had missed.

There is a topic for pets you will probably get more support on dogs on there. How old are they may I ask puppies or adults
ha ha alibongo chorizo is a class name.

I once had chorizo at "la tasca" they did all you can eat for a tenner. healthy food as well!! when im thin im going to go there 100 percent sensational!!


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I love la tasca, chorizo isn't very healthy though, a bit too fatty, fine for special occasions. A lot of the other dishes are ok though.

My DH loves tapas too and wants to go there for our anniversary, I should just be out of RTM by then so he might be lucky.
I want a basset hound or a labrador .... LOL not much difference there eh?
FOUR dachsounds?? Wish you luck!! It's alright as long as you like constant yapping!! My friend back home has four - they are awful cute, but good god they do my head in - they are Hyper with a capitol H!!! And if there is the slightest noise, they all go off on a barking frenzy that does not end easily as they compete and egg each other on!!

You must also be careful with them. If yo allow them to jump too much, or if they get to wriggly in your arms, they are prone to serious back injuries because of their length. You need to be careful.
Two of my friends have both had to have back surgery because of this, which was expensive and not nice for them. :(

I hope you gave some thought in to what you are doing....if they have been raised together, and you are now planning in selling them sepperatly, that is quite sad for them. I don;t know if thats the case -just what I gathared. If you are keeping them all - I hope you understand the slogan, "A dog is not just for Christmas." There is a lot of expense and responsiblity - but they bring immense happiness. But I don;t know if at your age I would have wanted all the responsibbility that come with it.

Lots of luck.


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There is a saying, 2 puppies together are not twice the work, they are three times the work. My maths isn't good enough to work out how much extra 4 is!

I would not recommend selling them unless you are an experienced breeder because they are vulnerable to people buying them for the wrong reasons. A life as a puppy farm dog is not a nice one, and puppy farmers can be VERY convincing in the way they hold of their breeding dogs.

If I was in your situation I would give them to a rescue centre who home checks and has lifetime back up for the dogs. I know it's not as much money but this is about lives, not pockets.

Good luck.
Nuvver dog person here... I would rehome at least two - even two pups are a nightmare together, and belive me... i have five dogs, i know how many = trouble!

Find two of them or three good homes now, before you discover that its nigh on impossible to get four pups all housetrained together and end up living in The House of Wee....

And try Official Victoria Stilwell Website - author & host of 'It's Me or the Dog' - the forums there are excellent and thats not just because I mod them.
Well what i surprise Blonde Logic replies to my thread again doint her best to put a negative spin on another one of my posts. Maybe you don't like men or just have it in for me but i do not understand this animosity towards me on every single thread. Ok we had a a slight disagrement and now your taking it a bit too far.

P.S i have been to the gym everyday since my last WI and have lost 5 pounds in three days so here is to the doubters. And blonde logic and kellie who seem to have it in for me, my last five minutes on the tread mill was for you today as i bumped it up to burning 12 calories a minute just to prove you wrong.

cccccccommmmmmmmmmeeeee ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
:rotflmao: Lucas if you're doing even 5 seconds on the treadmill to spite people in here then I'm sorry but that is so sad it's worrying.


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Are we all ok in here folks? :)
I don't need to revaluate anything - I'm not saying that running on a treadmill for an extra 5 minutes is sad - any extra at any exercise is a good thing ----- what is sad is the fact that your motivation towards doing so 'my last five minutes on the tread mill was for you today' was because of people on a group who you don't know, don't matter to you in the same way that you don't matter to them.

There's taking things too far and I think in saying that you've done so.
4 puppies?! Holy crap!

Good luck mate :D xxxx
I'm great thanks Isis - need to go find my bed soon though .... nearly time to get up again :)

How're you doing?
Well it worked for me and im a pretty level headed guy, why do you have to know someone to prove them wrong. It was an extra five minutes on a treadmill its not ground breaking news and i used the negative comments on here to my advantage. Seeing as you "don't know me" why are you responding to my comments i think thats taking it too far isnt it?


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Maybe we can wait for Blondelogic to respond tommorow if she chooses to, as I believe from what I've read that Lucasflu's post was referring to her?

If I am mistaken then please let me know. :)

why are you responding to my comments i think thats taking it too far isnt it?
hmmm you know what - I think you might just be right for once.
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