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I hate myself.....

Ria C

Full Member
Im on day 2 (2nd attempt) and have done well up to an hour or so ago...I felt really dizzy and weak so I had a few chips from my DH tea. That turned into a few more and then a slice of bread plus strawberries and chocolate. Ive drunk loads of water so shouldnt have felt so hungry......

I dont know why I did it to myself. I was doing well as Id gone into ketosis (even posted the fact on here). I had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and it showed that I'd lost two pounds and that kept me going during the day...Ive got a wedding in three weeks and have left myself down really bad.

Sorry to put a downer on the board, just had to get it out of my system. Dont know what to do........

Thanks for listening
Ria x :break_diet:
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Ria dont weight yourselfes for 2 days you will be back the same or less in 2 days forget it move on

i had my first blip 2 hours ago had 2 bars today havent done that whole time been on it and lost 6 stone in 16 weeks so forget it and get on with tommorow as a new day
Sometimes you just need to vent on here to draw a line under and then move on. Don't hate yourself, don't beat yourself up, it's just your 'demons' having one last fling - allow them to chalk this one up, then take their chalk and throw it out of the window.
Remember how you feel now, and how you would have advised yourself an hour ago if you could turn back the clock and if you are tempted again anytime, picture yourself an hour further on from then, feeling how you are now (does this make sense?:rolleyes:).
Or just tell your other half to slap your hand hard when it reaches for his chips ;)


Enjoying life!
There is nothing you can do about it now Ria - you have done it. Remind yourself why you started and just move on. As richman says don't weigh yourself and get re-focused.

You can do this. Use this board to post as much as possible. If you get hunger pangs then drink more fluid and do something nice for yourself.

Kat xx
Don't beat yourself up Ria - you're human and never underestimate how hard this diet is to keep going. You're punishing yourself twice if you make yourself miserable about it - and that may affect your ability to move on. Put it behind you and start afresh from right now this second. An experience is never wasted if you learn from it hun so don't worry - just use whats happened to make sure you're stronger tomorrow. Hope that makes sense? xxx


Just draw a line under it, stay off the scales and get back on track as of now.

Blips happen to the very best of us pet, you're not alone!

Ria C

Full Member
Thank you all for your kind comments. some really good ideas there like going forward in time and sensing how i'd feel if I gave into the cravings. Im sure i'll look back at this when im at goal and see how far Ive come (positive thinking! ha!) hubbys stolen chips didnt get past the kitchen so he didnt know I'd taken some until i did a dramatic confession...he thought I was confessing to something really big like an affair the way I was saying ' got to tell you something Ive done really bad..i didnt mean to..but the feelings were too strong!!!!

Thank you all again! xx
Hi Ria..
Don't beat yourself up about it!
God I don't know many people who can say they have never cheated once!
I know I've done it, You just have to say to yourself "Right that's over and done with" and move on to the next day.
If you are like me and keep thinking to yourself "why did I do that, I'm never going to do this" you'll do more harm than good!!
We can do it, look at most of the ladies on here doing brill.
Good luck x x

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