I hate to be personal... but.......


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Number two's...
Thats what Im talking about here

I used to eat all my greens and meat etc
and all the other SYN ful stuff, then joined SW and am doing fine on me vegs, seem to eat loads more now - but how come I used to be quite regular ( every day) now I'm going once every 2 days. I'ts not a problem -just seems weird, Do I need to take something??
sorry for being below the belt (pun)
does anyone else have this ?
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I suffer with my stomache a lot. I have IBS so its either one way or t'other. You are probably eating a lot more fibre and you will need time to get used to it.


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When you change your diet everyone goes through a period of adjustment as regards bowel movement regardless of diet chosen.

Things to consider is water intake and have a look at your fibre content and introducing a brisk 20 minute walk which helps greatly to get things moving.

You probably will settle back into your old daily pattern again within a few weeks.

Love Mini xxx


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If you're eating a lot more veg, that means more fibre, so make sure you're drinking enough water too. Otherwise the fibre just bulks. It needs enough water to move it along through the colon.

Like Mini said make sure to get some exercise like a brisk walk every day as that help too!