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I have 2 mega problems...


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...first one is that I have been totally off kilter for the last few days - I let a bad day turn in to a bad week! NAUGHTY ME!

Secondly - I have no money for the rest of this month to buy the shakes.

I have enough money to buy some cheap shopping for the next 3 weeks and could eat that but I can't afford £120! :(

Any advice?
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Do you not have a member of the family or a friend who could help out?

I'm lucky that while on maternity leave and getting awful pay that my hubby has agreed to go halfs, which is really helpful.


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failing that, explain your situation to your CDC, Perhaps you could write a cheque for the month and ask her not to take it to the bank until your funds are available. I did this once before.


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I don't - i live on my own so I can't ask anyone.

I have tried messaging her but she hasn't answered! :(

I wonder if I can just calorie count and exercise for a few weeks I should be ok?

I won't eat any carbs either..?


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so sorry ur in this situation.
i myself ran into exactly this situation last time i was on cd.
it may not appear too helpful but just a word of caution.
when it happened to me i had to come off plan for 2 weeks due to no funds.
this was a problem for 2 reasons....
1) once u go for 2 weeks eating food it is really really hard to get ur head in the right place again and in fact it took me over a year to rejoin cd.
2) eating healthy and especially eating protein meals is expensive. it is a sad fact that processed unhealthy carb filled foods are far cheaper than healthy nutritious food.
i would explore all options and persist with ur cdc before resorting to going offplan IMHO.
worst case scenario i think i would do the 1000 calorie plan therefore still having one shake a day (if u can manage that).
at least that way cambridge doesnt leave ur daily life at all and u still have ur weigh ins to keep u on track.
i really hope u sort something out hun.
good luck.


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Cheryl that is a GREAT idea...calorie counting but continuing with 1 or 2 shakes a day - that would definitely be more cost effective for a few weeks....!!!

I could defo do that I reckon!


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...first one is that I have been totally off kilter for the last few days - I let a bad day turn in to a bad week! NAUGHTY ME!

Secondly - I have no money for the rest of this month to buy the shakes.
Good grief, how much did you eat? :D :D :D ;)

Hopefully those 2 statements aren't actually related. And please excuse my evil sense of humour... :D :D

It's all too horribly easy to let one bad day turn into a week, isn't it? But all is not lost, cos I've let one bad day turn into a couple of months before now, and that's where the real danger lies.

All the advice you've been given so far is great - but especially Cheryl's. It would be pretty difficult to successfully low carb on a small budget. I'm not saying it can't be done, but it'd be tough.

I suppose having 2 shakes and a low calorie meal would be a bit like doing Slimfast. No reason why that shouldn't keep you on an even keel - it's definitely worth a try.

Hope your financial situation improves really soon x x
I don't no if this will help but my food only costs about £20 for the week, I buy 3 for £10 chicken breasts, which I section uo and wrap each breast individually before freezing them keeping out two, one for this evening then one for the next, I buy bousin cream cheese, and carefully cut into the middle of chicken breast fill with cheese, I bake it, and serve it with some cooked frozen mixed veg, and boled 30gr of brown rice, that dinner, lunch is poached egg on toast, 33g porridge oats made with milk and water, thats it, but its enough for me and I am losing weight with it. good luck, you can eat cheaply and easy if you are controlled :)


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I'd go with 1 or 2 shakes and do the 1000 plan if you can afford it, its very hard to get back into the zone once you have started to eat 3 meals a day again


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I was wondering how you were doing, I remember your post about people who cheat and we nearly all said that you can't really criticise people until your there yourself, and well your there! and it's tough so ((hugs)) (I'm not being mean I promise) I believe that there's a pattern that people seem to hit a wall at around 3 months with this diet and it takes a huge amount of self-motivation to get over that hill, it's taken me a few weeks to build myself back up to that initial motivation I had at the start. I agree with having just one or two shakes a day and having 1 carb free meal you should make it through ok. Know that your not alone in your struggles with motivation/money etc we're all only human and make mistakes. I have had to really refocus myself and it takes time! Good luck hun, you'll get there x


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Yup - I lost the fear of god lol!

I was soooo annoyed as I hadn't lost much! However - I did have a bad few days but I am back in to it 100%.

I spoke to my CDC and she is going to let me do 1000 calories like cheryl said - however - I am going to be upping my exercise TENFOLD whilst I am doing it so hopefully - even if I lose only 1lb a week whilst I am away I will still be losing. then when I come back and I have been paid I can buy all my shakes to go back to SS+

I think this is the only way! x

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