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I have a dilema!


Crawling to the finish!
I have got a chest infection! I had the same thing last time I did SS and didnt take antibiotics and it lasted 3 weeks...but Im having surgery in 4 weeks so I really need this to be gone no matter what or I cant have the surgery!!! I will be getting antibiotics off my doctor tonight and carrying on with SS but will this affect my losses? I checked the CD site and its safe to use antibiotics while on the diet but worried it will stop my weight loss!!! Is it ok to stay on SS or should I be on 810 while on them? Any advice please :(
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Hi there. Sorry to hear you're not well. If you're ticker is right, and you're bmi is below 25, you should not be on ss or ss+ anyway. Should be 810 as a minimum, I believe. Congratulations on your losses. Hope you feel better soon :)


is going to loose!
KD would be a great person to ask about his one.

Good luck and hope your feeling better soon,



Crawling to the finish!
Yea my ticker is right, CDC said I should be on 810 but was going to do SS until the end of the week and then move up. I wanted to lose as much as poss :-( Ill cheke with KD thanks guys x


Crawling to the finish!
Can I bump this up please :) anybody out there been on SS with antibiotics?? any advice welcome, thanksss xxx
Also if you are having surgery in the near future you need to be on the 1200 or 1500 plan, definately not ss,ss+ or 810. Have you asked your counsellor for advice, he/she really needs to know about the op....
I started on SS 3 weeks ago and promptly got an ear/throat infection so I was on antibiotics for a week. I asked the practice nurse and she said it was fine to stay on SS, but just to be aware of how I felt and eat if I needed to. As I had a sore throat I did not feel like eating anyway!
Took the weeks course and felt fine staying on SS.
Hope you feel better soon.


Hi !
You can take antibiotics on SS but you need to check whether your antibiotics need to be taken with food ( if so, take with the last drop of your shake / soup/ tetra/ porridge ) or if they are not to be taken with milk , take at least 1 hour before any CD product .

I took antibiotics on SS & showed a gain that week, but a big loss the week after, so it all balanced out !

You need to move up to 1200 plan 2 weeks prior to your operation and then usually have to wait until 12 weeks after your operation to resume any CD plan.


Crawling to the finish!
thanks everybody. I am stepping up the plans as of tomorrow as I wanted to finish the week. I will probably do 1 or 2 wks 810 then 1200 the week before. I wont be moving back down the steps after surgery as I wont have much to lose :)

I went to the doctor and he's given me antibiotics! I checked and the only have to be taken with water which is great. My CDC does know about surgery and she let me know to move up the steps before I go under the knife.

I will have first tablet in the morning with my shakes but Ill be having a yummy meal in the night time :) I stayed on SS with cambridge as the chemist gives me lipotrim no problem at this weight on SS, they said as long as Im not verging on unhealthy :)

Ive had a lovely easy day on the diet today strangely even though im ill! maybe I need to get sick more often haha xxx

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