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I have completly lost control.

Despite taking up running- my relationship with food has vastly deterioted over the past week or so. i start with good intentions but get bored and lonley in the new house and cant resist the cupboards. I really dont know what to do, im feeling unwell and sick from all the horrible crap iv eaten but cant get my head in the right place. What do i do?
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Chronic dieter!!!
I think that is me all over!!! I always start well, lose a bit and then get bored or something happens and its back to the food - aghhhh!!!! :D Some of the things i've tried: drink a green tea without sugar (i really like it but most people don't, if it doesn't appeal maybe camomile or another herbal tea?), have a zero point soup (not sure what you call them in slimming world) ready or low calorie jelly to take the edge off, go for a walk, watch a film, clean the house, come onto here and have a chat :D Good luck!
I'm without internet atm so i feel like you guys who are usually here to keep me on track and my support network is gone. I go for a walk or leave to come and stay at my mums to distract me from bordem but just end up binging later. I gainwed 5lbs oiver my birthday, and shifted 3 last week but havnt managed a single day 100% on plan since. I don't know what is wrong with me, which is why i am concderned because usually i would kick myself up teh arse and sort it out, but im feeling very lost at the mo and am scared i cant get myself sorted, the thought of weighing in tomorrow is making me sick, and the fact my Consultant has broken her ankle means we have a substitute, who i cant garentee will feel as willing to give me the same ass kicking my usual one feels qualified to give now lol.

:( i feel suffocated by my own inability to stop. I met a lovley lady on my training course today who joined slimmingworld a few months back. I felt like a fraud telling her my story, concidering right now even if i am at target (though cant garentee that after this week) i dont even feel like i can't trust myself not to phone dominoes- AGAIN.
Make sure you only have free foods in so if you're tempted to snack it will be a 'good' snack. Try to do something other than snacking when you are bored - I echo the ideas posted above, including cleaning the house!
You have come so far to reach target - why not try the old trick of putting an old picture of yourself on the cupboard doors? Or write your feelings down - why you don't want to go back to the weight you were, what makes you happy being at target, and tackle why you're bored and what you can do instead of snacking.

ETA - I know exactly how you feel when you've moved out for the first time, having done it myself over 4 years ago. It's hard finding a new routine and doing it without parental support. Once you get into your routine of eating, sleeping, working and maintaining a house SW will fit nicely into it.
Oh it's difficult sometimes, thats for sure. When i get like this i will have something i fancy but then it's all about willpower and state of mind on resisting things.

I don't have much advice as i'm not to good when i'm in this frame of mind but i hope you can get back on track soon.
We'v just moved into in our first house together. Im stressed and my IBS is really bad at the mo so am feeling unwell alot which always makes me want to eat. I had a baby shower saturday and her mums lost 2st with sw and says its all because of me.. that kid of made me feel bad too, in the sence that she thinks im this amaizng person and i dont feel i'm ''allowed' to feel this way incase they think sw wont work or whatever, cos thats not the case.

Im bored alot at home, as iv only been working 3 days a week, but the week just seems to disapear and before i know it its Wi day again. i feel very rushed and .. rushed? Lol

Plus, when i lived at home joe only ate the crap my younger siblingsd brought into the house, now we live together, i have to buy stuff to feed us both with (sw friendly) and buiscuits etc for him, after all he has no weight problem so why should he suffer? but with limited space i cant look for anything without it being shuved in my face! .. plus all these beautiful bakerys on my new village highstreet :(
Well you shouldn't feel bad about being an inspiration. You have reach your target and your having an off week or even two. You know you can do it.

I get bored a home to. So i have started voluntary work, which is great. Gets me out and stops me thinking about food.

As for having things in the house sw unfriendly. I hav this to for my son and even though bf doesnt live with us. He brings stuff over on weekends.

Sorry i'm not much help at all but wanted you to know i'm here if you want to chat x


Wishing and hoping!
I think part of the SW journey is ups and downs you would not be human otherwise, also take the compliment and accept you have achieved a lot. Thi sticky patch is a learning curve and you will come thorugh the other side smilling.
try and write some positive downs, it can help give back some control and write coping mechanisms that can put in place when times are challenging :)
Fern you are only human! Being at Target is bl00dy hard work, I always say getting there is the easy bit, it's staying there which is the hardest part.
I'm struggling at the moment, I didn't have a single day 100% last week and luckily managed to stay the same, don't know how but I do know I need to sort myself out and stop eating the treats.

I know you think that Joe shouldn't suffer, but why is he suffering by not having biscuits etc every day? Just because he doesn't have a weight problem doesn't mean it's good for him to eat sugary foods each day, slim people should have them as treats too not as normal foods. Ask him to buy these things when he wants them, just don't have them in the house.
I don't buy crisps or choc wafers at all, my daughter wants them but I don't want them in the house. If she really wants a bag of crisps she can buy them from her pocket money!!

Anyway, you ARE an inspiration Fern, even if you do go a few pounds over target, you have done so well and you are allowed to "have a blip". Look at those photos, get those skinny jeans on and remember why you don't want to eat that pizza.
You can do it girl :)
Fern - I am having exactly the same problem at the moment, I have no idea what is going on in my head to make me want to eat rubbish all the time, I had a few days off work last week as I needed a break & everyday I walked down to the shops and bought chocolate & crisps, I am back at work now and yesterday I did manage to resist but it is driving me mad, the cravings are ridiculous, I don't know what to do, I am just trying to walk away from the temptation and distract myself otherwise but it is hard, I ate 7 muller lights yesterday & had 2 chocolate options plus everything else I ate in an attempt to not eat a family sized bag of minstrels.....the only thing I would say is not to feel too bad about it, at the end of the day we got to target & staying there is the hardest thing to do and we will have times where it feels like the biggest mountain to climb - I am just happy that I recognise what I am doing now & just need to figure out how to control it, it is just another learning curve I think.
Hi Fern

Last July I moved into my own flat with my bf and went completely off plan. To start with I was gaining then losing, then phoning for takeaways and stuffing my face with biscuits + crisps, I sort of went on a binging spree for a few months. I put on the 2 stone I had worked hard to lose and am still trying to take it back off. Please don't do what I done, it's such a waste of all your hard work. The good thing is you're aware of what you're doing.. I was completely blind to it until my jeans didn't fit! I know what you mean about being bored so raiding the cupboards for something to do. Stock up on lots of fruit + low syn snacks so that if you do have a kitchen raid you'll have something SW friendly to eat.

Sorry my reply sounds so negative, I don't mean it to be. Of course you're only human we all make mistakes and you've got to your target so deserve a treat, it just doesn't sound like you're having fun whilst having your treats?

Hope this helps a little bit :)


Never gets tired of SW!
:girlpower::asskick:Fern I really don't know what to say because I don't want to sound as if I'm preaching- you have had far more experience than me with SW and have been so successful and quite frankly an inspiration to others!! But maybe if enough people give you snippets of advice and encouragement perhaps something will stick in your mind and get you back on track!! How about this:- Pretend you have all that weight to lose again (just for a minute!) Make a huuuge list of all the reasons you want to lose weight and all the things you'd look forward to doing if you got to target eg gorgeous clothes from any shop you want, not having a spare tyre when you sit down, compliments from people, having lots of energy and not being out of puff, anything at all, however small or large! THEN... bring yourself back to the present and make another huuuuge list of all the things you love about being slim, all the changes you've noticed, the way it makes you feel, how it felt to be Young Slimmer of the Year etc etc. Then make ANOTHER huuuge list of all the things you'd feel and how awful it would be if you put the weight back on again!! Maybe by doing this exercise you'd realise that you just can't afford to go back there and it may be the kick you need to get back on track again!!XXX
Some positive thoughts:

1.- after only 1 week, you recognise the problem- like evilpenguin said, with some people it takes MONTHS and by then it is up the wall
2.- You are actually still going to WI- that is brilliant
3.- You are on here looking for a solution, meaning you want to do something about it and are not just pretending it isn't happening.

You have now identified boredom as a 'trigger'- so what are you going to do about it? What safeguards can you put in place to avoid boredom in the future? What can you do when you feel a cupboard raid coming on? Start working on the actual cause of the problem (the inability to deal with boredom), not just the outcome (overeating)

Come on, girly girl- you have got so far you KNOW (and so do we) that you can doo this

I think Cocktail Princess makes a fantastic point - you are going to your wi - well done you. You should be very proud of yourself, not only have you realised this needs to stop, but you are facing up to any potential damage already!!! Well done you!!!! I just know that you will get back on it after your wi, you will be grand.

Without a doubt its blooming hard. After I got to goal I kept losing and it took ages to stop. But then over xmas I gained a pound. I decided that I was being very strict til the pound was gone. Lost half, then randomly gained 3.5 over the next 2 weeks. I was gutted becasue I was being very good. Have missed the last 2 wi cuz I got my period for the first time in 7 months and am so bloated its awful. I wi most days on my own scales and over the last week my weight has went up and down aby as much as 7lbs from one day to the next!!! Its making it very hard for me to stick with the plan. I still haven't had a chippie since before xmas because I kep saying I will wait til I get back to goal, but despite the fact I am staying totally on plan my weight seems to be more every week!!! Its driving me nuts. Anyway just wanted to say I sympathise, its horrible feeling like your weights out of control, but fingers crossed it settles for us all soon!!!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hey cocktailprincess, just read the article- it's very interesting! I have completely avoided the biscuit tins/boxes of chocolate that we constantly get given to us by patients and relatives in work because I know I won't just stop at one! I'm still trying to develop strategies that deal with my trigger environments! I'm a big cinema goer and I would ALWAYS have Ben & Jerry's icecream (3 scoops and sometimes a sundae- I dread to think how many syns were in each lot!!!) and at first it was difficult not to head over to that counter! Instead I take my own snacks in like fruit and some Ryvita Minis, Alpen Light bars or Quavers, things that are either free, very low syn or a HEXb and now I don't even want the icecream so it just shows that we can change our behaviour and stop doing the really bad things that we associated with a particular activity! Someone once told me that good habits are as easy to form as bad ones! I didn't believe them but now I'm starting to realise that's true if we really want it to be!X
I know what you mean- it's like losing weight being so much more difficult than putting it on!

These triggers made me laugh- I have all 3!

Food triggers = if I eat white carbs I crave sugar and feel stupidly hungry afterwards
Emotional Triggers = happy, sad and dissatisfied are my triggers (when I am angry and stressed I don't feel the urge- maybe my life is too nice for my own weight loss!)
Environmental Triggers = I have got over the cinema now as I go to Starbucks beforehand and have a skinny sugar free vanilla latte - this feels like a treat but is on plan-. Family visits are a problem as are holidays, day trips and being in a hotel on my own if I am away with work (often)

Gosh- we are up against so much, aren't we- it's an absolute miracle any of us have lost any weight at all!



Never gets tired of SW!
Yep that's true, but you certainly have missy! 6 stone!!! Incredible! Have you consistently but slowly lost,or have you had ups and downs along the way? Either way I'm inspired, but just interested to know because I'd just love to be in the position where I've lost over 3/4 of the weight I want to lose! (I know you've got a bit to go now but the end must be in sight!) I've got 3 1/2 stone now to get to target! How does it feel so far being 6 stone lighter?!X
I have been pretty consistent- but slow. 1lb a week is my usual loss and with the odd short blip for summer holiday or xmas I get straight back on track. I'm not saying I don't have really bad moments but I am gradually feeling more in control. I guess I know that long term I will never truly be able to relax around food- just like Fern I guess it would be easy to fall 'off the wagon' even at target

Thanks for the comments, doll. 6 stone off feels amazing and is the thing that keeps me going when I have an off day.


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