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I have conqurered the hunger days.....

I have arrived at day 5 of my diet and can officially say that i am no longer hungry!

Its such a strange feeling as usually by 11am i would be climbing the walls if i hadnt had breakfast.

The cravings are slowly going too which is all good and i am really enjoying the soups.

All in all this diet is going great and i am really looking forward to my weigh in Thursday night!

My skin has cleared up i have no spots woooo and my hair is feeling gorgeous and thats only after 5 days i am so impressed!

But dont get me wrong the first 3 days were sooooooo hard i wanted to eat everything........even things i dont really like such as turkey in breadcrumbs

I went round my house on the first day and cleared the cupboards haha my kitchen has never been so empty!!!!!

So glad i found this diet :D
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Glad to hear your no longer hungry. It took me about a week to get to that stage. Authough the day before I started I had a complete carb binge which I bet didnt help.

Gets easier now your not hungry authough there will still be times your mind plays tricks on you. But thats the fun of being on a diet :)
God i miss carbs.........i used to be a carbohydrate monster. You know the hardest part of this diet is the adverts on the TV.......particularly the new lurpack one with the jacket potato and the cheese on toast ones.......i have to turn over when there on haha........


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I hate the Honey BBQ boneless bites advert from KFC. I have to turn it off before being told they wont be around for long.


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It's a great feeling isn't it,not to feel hungry?I also ate a lot of carbs-bread,rice pasta,spuds etc.,and now,every so often,I get a yearning for a large chunk of crusty bread,but I try to keep busy and the feeling(mostly;) ) passes.
I hate the Honey BBQ boneless bites advert from KFC. I have to turn it off before being told they wont be around for long.
If it makes you feel better at all i tried these before i started the diet and they are nasty, very sticky and the chicken was too dry.......so you are not missing out! :)

Bread, the smell of it is the killer especially when you walk into a shop that has a bakery in it and all you want is toiletries and water and all you can smell is bread and you want it so bad mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Have to keep focused........bread made me big....want to be small :wave_cry:


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Thats good to know that im not missing out on anything special. If you had said you tryed them and they were lovely I might have to verbally slap you, after picking up a box of them to try myself hehe :)
haha believe me when i say they were minging........they werent worth the £3.50 let alone falling off the wagon for....

the chips however......................ok shutting up now :D

Lets talk about mushroom soup mmmmmmmm :p
Really pleased the diet is working for you, and believe me it gets easier. The only thing I don't like, is dreaming about food. I regularly dream of brussel sprouts:eek: and toast dripping with butter. The only time I didn't dream of food, was when I had AAM week!

Here's to a great start and a new you:D :D :D :D



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Yeah when I stated I was constantly thinking and dreaming food. And sometimes looking at food on youtube (sad arnt I)..
Recently ive been thinking of purchasing a TV so the food thought have moved asite. Now I dream of big tellys (sad arnt I).

I did find the food related thoughts ended after about a month in after my body had accepted the no food rule.


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Unfortunately my 13 month old loves toast with butter, so it kills me every morning for him to eat it and me to wipe it off my fingers before it gets to my mouth!!!It does get easier to resist though..Love
I think that people that have other people to cook for whilst on this diet deserve a medal - i take my hat off to you (well my hairclip as thats all thats on my head hehe)

I am only surviving because there is literally NOTHING in my cupboards or fridge, my partner is on the diet too and i take absolutely NO money to work with me so i cant venture off in to the direction of the vending machine :rolleyes:

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