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I Have done it !

Wahey I hear you all say.

I have phoned and left a message on the CDC answering machine and fingers crossed she will phone me back today :S

I have since new year lost 5lb then put 3lb back on...... gggrrrrrrr. I think I am more nervous about her calling me back now than I was calling her..... urrrrrmmmmm

So here's to a slim me by summer if she calls me back....
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Well done, You've taken the 1st steps to a new you. There's nothing to be nervous about but I know what you mean. I was too, but my CDC is lovely and starting CD is the best thing I ever did! Good Luck x


Serial Foodie!
u wont regret doing this diet. its amazing! may as well buy a bikini now :D

best of luck xxxxxx
u wont regret doing this diet. its amazing! may as well buy a bikini now :D

best of luck xxxxxx
I have never worn a bikini in my life (even when I was a size 8) a tankini maybe.... I might splash out when I lost my first stone on that one item I want to fit into.....
Its great that youve taken the 1st step, Good luck and dont forget to come on here to let us know how you are doing. If you need any help there's always loads of it on here.
Guess what after getting myself up to calling yesterday, I sent an email later on in the evening and boohoo :( she is on holiday till the 19th Feb.....


Staff member
Well you can weigh yourself now and take some photos and measurements and begin by cutting down slowly on the carbs and increasing your intake of water and when she comes back and you start your diet you will slip nicely into ketosis without hopefully no withdrawal and it will make the diet that much easier to get into.

Love Mini xxx
Didn't think of it like that..... I think I will do that....

Do you think I should have black tea/coffee now too...??


Staff member
Didn't think of it like that..... I think I will do that....

Do you think I should have black tea/coffee now too...??
Well, gradually cut down on the high carbs and reduce your portion size a little bit each day and that way you won't feel you are depriving yourself all in one go.

If you like back tea and coffee go for it...

But do your measurements and weigh yourself because you could be pleasantly surprised.

I have started CD both ways...and cutting down and increasing the water does make a whole lot of difference to how quickly you get into ketosis.

I went cold turkey this time after Christmas and it really took the three weeks to feel in the zone.

Grand now that I am here...it was just getting here that seemed that bit harder.

Love Mini xxx
Hope you can start soon, it's great!



Still Climbing That Hill!
19th feb will soon be here and you'll be raring to go, good luck!


Serial Foodie!
i think having to take a week to get urself prepared is a good idea. the time will fly by :)
Well with been off work today I thought I am going to phone the other lady in my area and she seems lovely.... Retired lady and closer than the first one I phoned (well never spoke to, couple of emails) who did the diet many years ago and for health reasons is unable to do it now.

The lady I spoke to said a couple of the first ladies clients had changed to here, but she can't say anymore on it (which is very professional)

I am going to see her tomorrow at 4pm..... So do I start the diet on Monday or do I start it on Sunday is now my major problem.... At 5ft 3 and 12st 10lbs ish, she says I should be 9st 10 - 9st 11, I still reckon that is over-weight according to BMI or is that the higher end of the BMI for my height?

Well fingers crossed I can give it a go and see how I go :) Here's to a slimmer/ trimmer me.....
I'd start as soon as I could, but once I start doing something I always want to get on with it!

Counting down the hours now till I can start.....

Had a clear out morning, so now I have my size 16 on top of the cupboard, 14's in the draws and on the rails in wardrobe and my size 12/10s in the bottom of the wardrobe..... I have a pair of trousers I want to fit back into so fingers crossed..... Not eaten masses today very little and loads of water and not an ouch of tea/coffee with milk...

I am still not too sure whether to start on Sunday or Monday.. Any views..... Anyone starting tomorrow or Monday?

Will report back when I have been at 4pm, I think I will buy 2 weeks as I think that will be massive motivation to keep going.
Start Sunday!!! My hubby is starting tomorrow! When I started, I wanted to start as soon as I can.

Good luck whichever day you start, but personally I think it's better to just get on with it!

It's a very exciting time, and once the weight loss comes off, you feel amazing!
I've been and I am back.... She was lovely. She said it is going to be hard. Quite motivating when she told me she lost 3 stone in 5 weeks, she is retired now 68 I think she said and she can't do the CD so has put weight on, but did show me pics of her.

I have brought 2 weeks worth of packs, 1 soup per day and 2 shakes per day.....

Advice she told me to find a pair of trousers or skirt I want to fit into and try them on every week, take measurements and not weigh myself, I am going back in 2 weeks (not sure if I can go two weeks without weighing ones self)

She said I need to drink 4pints of water per day and the box does to, but I know people on the forum here say drink 4-6 litres of water per day.... (I am getting something wrong).

I have a red/blue book and a yellow book to read....

My official start weight with my clothes on (well I was not going to strip off) is 13st, amazing my clothes must weigh 4lbs ouch..... She asked how much I want to weigh and I did say 9 stone or just under but she says for my height I need to be 10st. I think that would still be overweight but not too sure, can any CDCer help me there...

I will try and post on my blog 3 times a week at least (inbetween college work).

Wish me luck.

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