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I have given in!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Morning all,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everyone's support on here over the last couple of days....I have however decided that LL is not for me...I know that this is very pathetic of me, but I just cannot do it...I absolutely take my hat off to anyone that does it, and I think that you are all amazing! You will all get to the goals that you have set, because you are all very strong and have got each other for support.....Well done to all of you....I will now be found on the SW forum, I have decided to go back to that...Thanks again ..and sorry that I wasted anyones time.

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The Diet Guy
Hiya TL!

You certainly haven't wasted anyones time and it doesn't matter how you lose weight as long as you manage too so enjoy SW and stick to your points and you'll still get to where you want to get too.



likes posting.
Hi tl i totally agree with Mike, i think you,ve given it a go found out its not for you, so good for you at least you tried.good luck with the sw diet, its worked for millions & it will for you too.
However you choose to continue your journey is up to you, and you will still reach your goals.

Don't forget all beacuse it did not work out this time with LL, does not mean down the line it won't be for you either. Whatever works at the time is different for us.

Keep up the good work

Take care



has started again!!
Best of luck with SW. I have done it in the past, and lost well. I just wasnt in the right frame of mind to stick with it then, and I guess I found LL when I was.

You have not wasted anyones time, and we would all be pleased to hear how you are doing once you get going with SW.

All the best,
Good luck on SW if thats the way for you then thats the way to go
Can totally understand why you found it so hard. LL isnt for everyone so dont feel guilty & you havent wasted anyones time!! Hope SW goes well!

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