I have just been told....


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I look like a different person:D :D :D :D

Our silent partner has just popped in for a meeting and have not seen him since the week before Xmas at our Xmas do (pre LL) and I can actually say he looked gobsmaked!!!!!

I am so chuffed!!! I had not had compliments up until this weekend and now they are coming in thick and fast!!! That has cetainly brightened up my day......

The funny thing is, nearly all of the comments I have had have been from men:eek: I am going to skip off down the office for some more water now......

How is everyone else doing today????
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ahhh tootsie! THIS is what its all about, eh? feeling and looking great. good for u...get used to it. sure there are scores of people who wont recognise u!

u have earned the attention! well done.


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Shows all your hard work is worth it!

Enjoy getting the compliments and may you get many more!


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cheers karen, I am just about ready to bubble over at the mo:D :D


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What a great feeling toots keep it up your nearly there ....x


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Well done you are doing great!

Remember to never discount a compliment!



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well done tootsie, it's great when you start getting compliments makes all the hard work worthwile :)


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It is amazing how like a flip of a switch that people do begin to notice the weight loss.

All your hard work is paying off now...I do find in general that men are very generous with their compliments, I think they find it hard to hold back and just say it as they see it.

Women are more quick to tell you when you have gained weight, some how they notice the weight gain much quicker than the weight loss.:rolleyes: :(

Enjoy the lime light:)

Love Mini xxx


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that's brilliant Tootsie - I can feel your happiness coming out of your post - you're dancing on air today and rightly so. Enjoy it, you deserve it and this is just the tip of the iceberg :)


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Isn't it just wonderful when someone who hasn't seen you for a while is absolutely gobsmacked (there is just no other word) when they see you. I am so pleased for you Tootsie. It happened to me last week in Tesco - a colleague from a school I had worked in a couple of years ago was totally amazed, she hardly recognised me!

Be prepared to it to happen again, and again - you'll have to get used to it!


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Oh wow!! That's brilliant.. can't wait for it to happen to me.. that's ALMOST what it's all about.. it nearly makes me want to hide away and emerge as a butterfly when all the fat has gone!!! Just for the looks on peoples faces.. wow.. you revel in it.. good for you!


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that's just fab Toots - I'm thrilled for you.

I met friends last week I hadn't seen for ages and the compliments just give you such a buzz. I was surprised but thrilled when I got my first compliment from a male colleague too! You've cheered me up tonight Toots as your happiness is coming through this post - and we're all thrilled for you.

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how wonderful! To be honest I cant wait for that to happen and I think its one of the things that will keep me going...Well done yu, must make all the HARD work worthwhile!