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I have Let myself down already :(

Hi Guys

I messed up today i was out with the was out all day i only have shakes so obviously could not take with me.

we stib lunch for mum and o/h

and i ended up having a prawn cocktail and a chicken & bacon salad i am so angry with myself as my o/h fell out with me for eating it as he has been really tough on me lost 10lbs last week and now my first fail i am so scared incase this kicks me out of ketosis and puts me back to square 1 i am only on day 10 of ss

i am honestly so angry with myself was doing so well but it just smelt so great in there all the food was looking so yummy.

i am going to get my lateral thigh trainer out tonight and work out everyday this week.

do you think i will be kicked out of ketosis cos if this ?

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i am honestly so angry with myself was doing so well but it just smelt so great in there all the food was looking so yummy.
On this type of diet the sense of smell seems to get heightened.

Now you know how easy it is to give in and know how you feel just now after having had a very good week and weight loss... you can use this not to let it happen again.

You do have to plan ahead...

Tetra's and bars are very handy to take out with you along with bottle water and if your OH is having a meal you can have your tetra as a main course and bar for dessert and tell the waiter you are on a special diet and can't have a meal just now. I find them more than helpful and be sure to ask them to bring a jug of water without lemon to the table.:)

my lateral thigh trainer
Go easy on the lateral thigh trainer as you may not have drunk enough water throughout today.

The danger of breaking the diet like this is that tomorrow you might get the urge to nibble if you feel you have got away with it...and this leads on to falling off the wagon completely and getting back on each time becomes harder and harder.

You will know if you are out of ketosis as you will feel hungry and craving...if you do... take one of your CD packs and water that you have missed out on today.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini Thank you for your reply i have just had my shake there thats me for the night

i am going to learn from this and its ss all the way again from on
Just cant believe i caved i had done so well until then



getting slimmer
dont beat your self up!!
you did fantastic in the first week, had a litte hicup, and it was only little - woulda been really bad if you'd had a burger and chips!
so now, get back on, ss for the rest of the week, and i bet you'll be fine!
dont be too harsh on your self.
good luck losing the rest of your weight.
thanks guys

Maro thats great as thats what i was worried about you guys are great on here i feel a little better now


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