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I have lost the plot

Well yes it is offical I am a nutter. Last night I had the biggest bust up with my hubby over everything and anything (not all my fault) I ended up giving him a punch and eating my kids easter eggs like a demented idiot to spite him and i kept saying thats it I'm going to be fat he just looked at me like i needed to be in some sort of mental hospital. At the time it felt great but an hour later I sat thinking what the hell the only one I am spiteing is myself and to top it off I was on day 4 so Ive had to start all over again this morning.
Then I watched emmerdale that I taped earlier so I finished the choc off whilst crying.:cry:
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Has Wobbly Bits
:hug99:Whitey - I'm so sorry to hear about the argument with your husband. Is everything ok now?

Re what you did with the easter eggs - I think most of us with a weight problem use food for all the reasons we shouldn't - mostly comfort/to make us feel better. What you have realised is that the 'making you feel better' feeling is short-lived and it actually makes you feel worse. Don't dwell on it - recognise WHY you use food and get out of the habit.

I always want to eat when stressed or when things don't go my way but now a little voice in my head says 'don't do it, it won't make you feel better, no matter what you think'.

I hope you're ok. Get back on the wagon, drink loads and think before you reach for the choc x
Your both right hubby and I are fine now we have talked and things are ok i feel fine today in myself I just need to learn that eating dosnt solve problems. Thanks for both your great advice I WILL SORT THIS PROBLEM
Aww darling don't beat yourself up about it ok?

Draw a line and start afresh xxxxxxxxxx

And if you need to chat we're all here for you ok? xx
Thanks babe I know everybody on here is really supportive. I'm back on track now and my hubby again is behind me 100%
I think the stage before we go into full-time ketosis brings on a kind of 'rattiness' - I know that each time I break ketosis or re-start day 3-5 I'm always in a foul mood and snap more than I usually do!!!! :eek:

Give him a big hug, and warn him now for next one!!! :D
So agree with QueenJ and the others. You have taken positive steps since your fracas; making up with hubby and realising that eating the chocs didnt actually help you to feel better on any front/ in fact it was like punishing yourself for blowing up. You deserve better. How can you handle your emotions next time when something upsets you, have a think now whilst you are calm and it may help you when you are next faced with something that upsets you. I guess the first thing to do is take a deep breath and count to 20 to give yourself moments to make your choices. We all HAVE to learn different strategies for all sorts of situations; because if we dont we will yoyo back and to on diets and all the problems that go hand in hand with weight control. I am on this diet having lost my excess weight first time round and NOT PROGRESSED TO THIS STAGE of realisation. What a waste of effort/emotion/etc not to mention the cost. Well done on your recovery ........ :)
Aww Claire - please don't be so hard on yourself. We've all been there. This journey is full of ups and downs and it's great that you have managed to talk things through with your hubby.
Don't worry about the chocs - what's done is done and you can learn from it and move forward. You have done brilliantly so far and I'm sure will continue on.
Stay strong - we're here if you need to chat, let of steam etc!
Take care

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