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I have lower back pain

I wouldn't panic - but as Dukan can be quite hard on the kidneys it might be a good idea to stop, and see a doctor, just in case.
- to which I should add - it could simply be a bad back!
I had a bad back my first day of cruise...It was definitely my kidneys but I drank more water and took an Alka Seltzer which helps to neutralise your internal PH. Could be a good idea to try one and maybe take an anti-inflammatory both of which can help with painful kidneys and then go get a urine test with your GP x


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I agree.
Get back to a GP, a different one if you feel you're not being listened to.
It is sooooo important that whilst on a strict, radical regime such as the Dukan diet that you are monitored by your doctor.
Many doctors do not know what the Dukan diet is and what it entails. I hadn't heard of it until my sister suggested we try it.
If you have any concerns about your health it's important to seek advice and answers (make sure you get them). It is even more important if you are overweight and absolutely imperative if you are overweight and dieting.
You are obviously concerned. Do not be put off from seeking a second opinion or third, if need be. Ask to see a doctor who specialises in nutrition or weight loss.
It could be nothing (it usually is something very easily rectified by a health professional) or it could be something more serious.
Return to a "normal healthy" eating regime until you know what it is. Continue to drink water, stay off the alcohol. You can always start again another day. Your health is the most valuable thing you have.

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Gosh! I've just realised that I sound totally alarmist. I don't mean to be.
As Atropos said, it could just be back pain. If you came on here to voice your concerns you must be a little worried and looking for answers. I just want to make sure you go back to your GP and put your mind at ease or get treated, at the very least get a massage out of it.

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Yes, you're right. I'm really concerned. I have the book and I did allot of research online before I started the diet.
I also went to a doctor and had a health check up. All my levels were fine. So I thought I was well prepared. I wasn't surprised when I got the Dukan's flu nor the very unpleasant constipation after my attack phase even though I did everything I could to prevent it. I usually don't get constipated when I eat normally.
But I haven't read anything about kidney exhaustion... so I didn't know what to do. I don't want to get any permanent damage because of this diet...
But I've been very stressed out about work, school, social stuff and this diet. I was afraid to eat too much proteins after the horrible constipation so I ate less than I should I think.
This back pain could be a mild ulcer out of stress or it could be something wrong with my kidney. My back never hurts normally...

I'm gonna eat normally til my back stops hurting like you advise me to do.
Should I start Attack again when I feel well or just continue with Cruise? Or maybe only do PV til I reach my goal?
Jushne - the overwhelming chances are it's nothing to do with Dukan. Apparently 80% of all people have lower back pain at some point in their life, and 99% of all lower back pain is caused by muscle spasms/bruised discs etc. The fact that you are stressed right now, and that you don;t have any other signs of illness (fever etc) makes it sound all the more likely that this is just a temporary bad back.

Don't worry about the diet right now - wait until you feel better, and if the pain continues, have it checked out to put your mind at rest.

Then, when you feel well again, come back - we'll all still be here, and you can work out if and how you want to restart the diet.
PS - I sent a text to someone I know who has had kidney stones, she just messaged me back that the pain she felt was in her tummy/chest, not her back.

Hope this also puts some of your fears to rest.
Thanks Atropos, it's very kind of you to do that for me.
My lower back pain faded away after I ate a regular meal so it could have been something with my stomach acid.

But I feel much better now. Thanks for all the help and advices :)
hun ....keep up your water level and if you are concerend do please see a dr to ease your mind

im sure like you say its nothing but the stress is something nobody needs worring about it

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