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I have NEVER been so humiliated in my entire life :(

Hi Everyone,
Well yesterday myself and 3 friends went to Alton Towers for the day, no kids, (only the big ones!) no hubbies/OH's and loads of scary rides, my idea of fun! :)
Anyway we get into the park and the first ride we queued for was Spinball whizzer, well I get into my seat next to this young lad of about16 (we queued in the singles queue, hence why me and mates weren't sitting together!) anyway this lovely young lad asks me if I'm having a good time, had I been on this before, bless him, when the young assistant comes round closing the safety bars,well they get to me and close it, so I'm thinking OK that wasn't so bad, then she says hold on a minute, I'll just get my colleague so then I have 2 of them and they say the safety bar has to click 4 times and mines only clicked 3, so with that I have both assistants trying to force this bar to click again, (in full view of the queue) would it hell as like so they say sorry but you can't ride as it's not safe, so I have to get off in front of everyone and stand at the side while my friends who are in other cards are asking whats wrong, well I really don't know how on earth I stopped myself from crying, you know when you try not to blink because you know that when you do that 1st tear will fall and that will be it, I have never in my life felt as S*** as I did then, nearly but not THAT humiliated, anyway they give me a priority pass for oblivion, so off we go and luckilt that was OK, but all the rest of the rides I was looking at the harness/safety arrangement the whole time in the queue trying to weigh up wether or not it would close!
Well a good few rides later we get to AIR jump in the seat and the assistant comes along tries to close the safety bar again not a hope in hell of it closing so off I get again with another priority pass and not an ounce of self worth left, at that point I came to the conclusion that my weight had never screwed me up as much as it did then and all I wanted to do was die and I mean die.
Again while my friends are on AIR I try with all my might to pull myself together (had a couple of tears, god knows how I didn't lose complete control and flood the place I will never know, so again off we go to Ripsaw with the priority pass in hand I ask the young assistant if the bar is gonna close on me, at which point he looks me up and down and says well we can certainly give it a try at which point he ushers me and my friend (other 2 didn't fancy it) over to the ride to try, with that I say hold on a minute you have got no chance of you trying to close that on me while everyone is watching (the ride was empty and the next lot were waiting to get on and he wanted to try in front off them all looking as the queue looks directly at it!) so he says OK we'll let everyone on them all try together!
Thankfully it did close but my god my weight has never made me feel THAT bad in my life, all I have done today is cry, just my kids asking if I had a nice day I broke down and that is how I feel and have felt all day, I must have cried 20 times, as of tomorrow I WILL be on CD (should've today as I have hardly eaten, a flashback from yesterday puts pay to that!, but I have drunk loads of pepsi max) as with the help of my humiliation flashbacks I'm sure I can stick to it!

Sorry it has been a long and boring post but I thought it may make me feel better writing it down?

Sally x
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Oh Smoorecats you poor thing :hug99: Just keep thinking about next time you go to Alton Towers when you will have no problem what so ever. Please don't be down about this, because you have worked so hard on this diet and you will continue to work hard, use it as a motivation to keep up your good work. Don't be sad xxxxxx


Taking Back Control...!!!

Hugs and positive vibes for carrying on.... I know how you feel having not been able to go on rides at Legoland with my kids.... managed one and the bruises I had where the bar was rammed against my legs was awful..... :cry:

Use this as your goal.... go back this time next year (if not before) and go on everything confident that the bars will go down.... cos they will....:D



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Sally, I know how you feel. This has happened to me on several occasions and it can make you feel absolutely destroyed inside. I just hope that something good can come out of this and it will make you sooo determine to do it!! Think of a time in the future when you can go back there with your new figure and show those assistants!

Keep your pecker up and good luck for tomorrow!! You can do it!
Love and hugs,
Hey Sally - that must've been awful for ya !!! :(:(

hope ur OK......


Debz xx


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Hi Sally,

I know I can relate to how you feel, I am flying in 4 weeks time. Last year I had to ask for an extension belt and now I am a 20lbs heavier. I was hoping not to have to ask for a belt this year, but now my worry is if I will fit into the seat, or what if they don't have any extension belts, etc. It is totally spoiling the build up to my holiday, which is half the fun.

P.S. If anybody has any tips for this, they would be gratefully received


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Sally, you poor thing, I'm so sorry you've been made to feel this way. Try not to get too upset. Just think your starting the cambridge diet and will loose weight feel fab. I hope you have great success xx


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Hi Sally, I've also been in the same situation and I was verbally abused by a group of youths recently as I was getting out of my car. 'Fat Hag' is the only one I can repeat. I cried for a whole day, couldn't sleep and really failed to see why other people have to be so cruel.
Now I'm ready to change. I no longer want to feel ashamed of my size, I don't want to wait on the sidelines at theme parks while everyone else has fun and I don't want to worry will I fit into this seat anymore.
Use this experience, remember your pain during difficult times and just think, in 12 short weeks you'll slip easily into every ride! :)
Just sending hugs:grouphugg: Just think when your slim they will still be a bunch of t***ers and halfwits.:eek:


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Hi Sally,

I really feel for you...I have had a few embarrassing moments myself:eek:

Love Mini xxx
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Dear Sally,

We all feel so much for you :eek:.

Just know you are not alone and that, after you have completed your journey, you'll be able to go back to Alton Towers and get on every single ride in the park - well maybe not the ones for those under 1.4m:D

:rolleyes:You could even copy IceMoose's double pic - remember his picture one year on in Florida
Ah smoorecats
i feel for you sweetie , i went to Alton Towers when i was at my biggest and i never had any problems getting onto the rides but i totally freaked out when i was queing for 'ripsaw' and saw this "very big man" and a few attendants trying to force this bar down on the man ...well it wouldnt go so he (head hung low) walked away from the ride . i was still waiting to go on and suddenly thought i no what if it wont close down on me ... well i got on and luckily it did close on me ....i have alot of squishy things so it all squished up and in and down went that barrier ! that was the last straw thou and i went onto slimming world the moment i got home !!!

so although you have had a bad experinence NEXT time you go to Alton Towers hun you will be slimmer ,more confident and show those attendants that you wont be asked to leave a ride AGAIN !!!


ditto all previous posts

Feel for you.....hope you remain motivated knowing that next time you go on any other ride you'll be much slimmer.

GOOD LUCK:hug99:


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My heart go out to you and I know how you feel as this has happened to me. Don't be dishearted, you can do this, and when you go back next time you will be able to go on every ride in the park. chin up.
Aw i can only imagine how horrible that must have been. When i go i tend to worry about it all the time and what if i weigh to much and break the ride etc etc. You have the motivation now and think next time you go you shouldnt have to worry..

It sounds like you did well not to cry i would have been a wreck and you still managed to keep trying good on you..

Keep you chin up,

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