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I have no will power ahhhhhhhhh!

I talk bout this diet more than putting it into practice! every morning i wake up with the intention of starting ss and then i go and spoil it by eating! ive only managed 3/4 days of the diet a few weeks ago since then nothing! ahhh i need help i just have no will power. so difficult. Its really getting me down now i no it works and i need to do it yet i just cant bring myself to stick to it:cry:
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Tara I felt the same when I had a break from it for a few weeks. I kept trying to start SS and just managed a day or two and thought I couldn't stick to it. You said you know it works, so you CAN do it :)

Have you tried taking it one day at a time? Maybe try not looking at the long haul but just think "Today I will SS 100% then tomorrow if I choose to eat I can" when tomorrow comes, try the same again.

Then you aren't forcing yourself to do it, you are giving yourself a choice. One day at a time might work. If you succeed 100% for day 1 then maybe you will think "It wasn't so bad I can do that again" and CHOOSE to do it not feel pressured by yourself to do it.

Before you know it you might be on Day 5, well and truly in Ketosis and feel full of enthusiasm to continue. Might be worth a try!

Good luck & you can do it :hug99:
So why dont you gradually go down to SSing? Or plan a day in the next week that you know that you'll start again... say tuesday. So go out for a meal this weekend, and gradually cut out the carbs - thats what i did. I kinda said goodbye to my bad habits.

Then whenever you feel like eating, read these forums, or buy an item of clothing you'd like to slink into one day and take a peek when you're feeling low.

When you start, keep your sachets in a seperate place to your food (i keep mine under the sink where the only thing to tempt me is the bleach!!!) and DONT GO IN THE FRIDGE unless you're going to get a half used tetra (keep it in the door so your eyes dont wander at the food inside).

Pick your favourite flavours for day 1, and go for it!!!
We have faith in you xxxxx
Tara . Best to keep as busy as you can . Try to have first shake and get out of the house when you know you are going to get food and don't come back until you know you won't touch the wrong food , only shakes try that for as long as it takes . Bedtime , don't come down as you know you will nibble then you would be very upset with yourself .Can you try that ?


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thanks all for the advice...gonna jus hav to take one day at a time its gonna be so hard!!
That is the best way to take it Tara and that is "one day at a time"!

It is exactly what I am doing just focusing on getting through the day without cheating. I have just done three days of a new start.


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