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i have pcos and hate it.....

I have been diagnosed with pcos for 3 years now. I have not had a period for nearly a year now which my weight is one of the issues that effect it and also its making life hard to try to concieve, every body around me has children and i would say i am one of those people who yern to have my own family but cant.

I get very depressed with pcos, my partner is very understanding about my issues but i just wish i was normal......:cry:
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aww hun huge hugs!! ive been diagnosed for over 10 yrs now and i honestly know that feeling are you on any medication for you pcos metformin the pill?? i was trying fr 3 yrs to get preggers and i had 4 operations and was told there was no chance so we came to terms with it and thought oh well stopped stressing about it started getting ready for our wedding and well.. i now have a 7 month old. i promise you it can and will happen ... the best thing you can do is relax and not stress... i know thats easier said then done... but i promise you its 100% the best medicine. there are alot of herbal supplements that can help balance hormones. if you need any help or advice/support just send me a message xxxxxx dont worry and dont give up xxxxx

:eek: thank you for your message. I was on the pill but then i was like this is not working. I thought at the time why am i on the pill when im trying to get pregnant and am having no periods and the doctors said i could not be put on metformin. They say all the time i need to loose weight so im gonna go for it this time. Im pleased to hear you got your baby and that you know how i feel about things because no matter how much you talk to some people they never realise just how depressed you feel about things. I will keep in touch with you incase i need some1 to chat to, thanks again. xxxx
stay positive as i said and weight loss even a little helps alot (i know its soo hard to do with pcos, i found cambridge diet helped me) stay in touch even if you just need a rant! i know the frustration is awful! and just think when it happens, cos it will :), you will be a bit fitter and weigh a bit less and you will be a complete scrummy mummy!

aww, thank you! You have made me feel better already. my dad has recently told me him and his wife are expecting to which he said im going to have to start over again and it wasnt planned and my partners sister has just had her baby bout 2 weeks ago and just isnt interested in the baby what so ever and i look at her and think you dont know how lucky you are to have something as precious as that in your life. Its not fair....:cry:
its soo tough seeing people around you not appreciate what they have or be grateful that they are pregnant or have children i remember how useless it made me feel seeing yet another person at work get pregnant... erghh it still makes me feel a bit sicky! but you know im a great believer in fate ... it will happen when its ment to (probably when you least expect it!) its hard to kinda grit your teeth and be happy for people and then not go eat ... thats all i used to do! right now make your goal getting a bit fitter and losing some weight, if you concentrate on that rather than baby makingyou will feel happier about the whole thing you wil take some off the stress out of it all and stressing about baby making is the surest way not to make a baby! chat with ur dr to see if there is anything else he can suggest to help! huge loves lady... just remember it will happy when its all good and ready! :)
Ive been to my docs already, i need to be 12 stone or under to be considered for ivf. I need to loose the weight for my periods to return again too. I never have wanted to be an old mum, i know im only 24 in a weeks time but i wanted a baby round bout 19/20! Im very grown up 4 my age and had to grow up quick when i lived at home with my parents so was ready then to have 1. I some times sit there and think i wonder what my baby will look like, i dont care on what sex i have as long as its fit and healthy. x :sigh:
aww hun, well there are alot of other options besides ivf! there are some great books that i found helpful about pcos and suggest supplements to take to help balance hormones. i know its easy for me to say but ivf should really be last of all last chances... i know that sounds horrible to say but im soo sure you will find you have such great results with weight loss! did they say why they wouldnt put u on metformin? it can really help to stabiles and help lose weight. chromium supplements can have the same effects.
i know it must feel like such a pain me saying all this to you, i have pcos and an arcuate uterus and after 4 ops was told id never get preggers and if i some how did would never be able to carry past 20 wks. drs dont always know! stay positive, think to yourself 'right , it cant happen just now as i need to get fit and in shape and i when i am it will happen' 1 challenge at a time! and gees i wish id lost a bit more and been a bit fitter i can tell you!
and what an amazing weight loss goal this gives you! all the dieting will be worth it!
Your right! I am focusing at the moment on getting my weight down but it just dont help when people are having babies left right and centre. I seem to be ok for a while and then all of a sudden its like a tension that builds up and i gotta let it all out and have a good cry and a rant and then im ok again. I have depression any way but it doesnt help it.
im here anytime you need a good rant and complain :) your doing soo well by taking this first step :) and dont worry yo will be an amazing yummy mummy!


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Hello! just thought i would pop my head in. I am in the same boat, i have to lose alot of weight so i can be given clomid. Me and OH have been trying to conceive for 4 years now, I have had pcos since i was 17 and im 26 in a couple of months. I realise now that if i dont lose weight now then i will never be a mum as it could take years (maybe never) before we have a baby. I Think it will take me about 1.5 years to get to my target as im doing slimming world. The losses are pretty slow but i know that the weight will come off and the reason i am doing the diet spurrs me on. Everywhere i look there are baby bumps and newborns and it makes me feel sick as i want to be a mum soooo much. Im jealous when freinds announce that they are expecting, even though i should be happy for them. Heres to our future, we can lose weight and we WILL be mummys!! x
yay!! be positive ladies when the weight goes i bet both of you wont even need the drs help! woo hoo for future yummy mummies!
Thank you both of you for your kind words. Its very hard to live a normal life when you have things like that put in your face all the time. I think it will do me sum good coming on here and letting some stress out on here when im feeling low. :eek:

hi girls

can i gate crash??? i am feeling the same.... catch 20!!! Ur weight and the hard work dat doesnt shift it makes it emotionally hard so u eat more.. never ending...

I have gone past depressed.. 2 x ivfs and 1 x 3month miscarraige under my belt - Ive gone from every hope to hopeless..(which has made me put on more weight) speaking of which you dont have to be 12 stone for ivf.. i have seen other pcos sufferers even bigger than me go for iui and ivf and carry full term.. (i would like to get bmi under 30 though..) so ive 1 1/2 stone to loose..

girls we can sit and cry about it or get up and do something about it! (very easily said... very hard to do!!)

my head is there, just gota get my body to follow.. but being in here helps! nothing like like minded people to know you are not alone..
Hi tobeskinnyme

The more the merrier....
Thank you for your comments. I am so sorry to hear the problems you are having, im pleased im not the only one going through this. It really is torture for me.
The gnaecologist i saw said i had to be under 12 stone for it to be a healthy pregnancy before i could be considered for ivf.

I just wish sometimes that the guy upstairs will give me a break.
Hia. I've just joined this website today :)
I have endometriosis and pcos and have 2 gorgeous boys. It takes a little longer but be positive and it will happen.
X x x
Inever wanted to be an old mum, i wanted a baby when i was between 18 and 20, young as it might seem but as i have said before i had to grow up very quick when i was younger for certain things that went on when i was living at home. It just seems people who dont want kids end up with kids and the ones that really pine to have kids cant even have them....
Tracy - I feel you!!!

Everyone I know is having babies - everyone. Not that I am particularly, maternal, but I would like one day to have a family, and the more babies I see the more it brings it home to me.
Last week, the week my best friend had her baby is the week I am told that if I ever want a child I have maximum of three years to do it in, full stop.

I know a lot of people seem to live well with the condition but all in all to me it gets to be pretty miserable most of the time :(
aww girls sending out loads of hugs! positivity and taking the stress out of life helps soo much! fertility is hugely effected by the chemicals that are released by your different moods! epiphany fate was obviously waiting for the right moment for you :) stay stronge and happy girls it will happen! xxxxxxx
Hi Brownie earthquake

Thank you for your comments...

It is hard, my partner was taking his 3 week old nephew over to his mum and dads last night and i had to hold him there and i was just looking at him and thinking i wish this was my baby, i managed to keep my feelings at bay last night but it hurts so much. :cry:

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