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I have started CD today


CW Consultant
Can't believe how thirsty I am, I have already had 5 and a half pints of water and two large cups of tea but still thirsty, lol.

I had a bit of a shake disaster when preparing my first banana pack this morning. I was using my hand blender and the contents of the measuring jug ended up all over my kitchen! Suppose you live and learn, I won't be doing that again.:giggle:

I'm 5'2" with a weight of 13.10 stones :help2:. I hope to get to my target of 9 stones in 3 and a half months and hope I start feeling like myself again.
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CW Consultant
Wishing you loads of luck when you start too tubs, only 11 days to go!
Hi Caz, good luck with the diet, i had almost exactly the same goal as you 1 started at 13'11 and my eventual goal is 9st, so hopefully we will both get there, i have been on ss for a fortnight now and its not been that hard, had my first weigh in last night (on day 13) and i lost 13 pounds and it felt amazing so just keep going, and well done for drinking so much water i struggled at the start. Good luck and take care. xx


CW Consultant
I'm actually feeling not to bad today, I was expecting to feel really awful. Probably all the water I have been drinking, thats me into another pint, lol.

Good to hear from you Linda, keep me posted on how you are getting on, i'm sure your success will keep me going.
Sure Caz, we'll keep in touch, you should post on the CD 100% club with your weight loss, i joined it last week, you will find it in the cd 100% forum,
ps in my experience the third days a killer (this is my second time on cd) so make sure your kept busy on wednesday.
Speak to you soon


CW Consultant
Thanks Becky x
Good luck Caz Im sure you can do it x


Trying to stay healthy!
hi caz, hope your first day is going well!!
wow caz thats an amazing amount of water. You will probably find that the toliet becomes your new best friend. Don;t drink too much late at night or you end up with a very disturbed nights with trips to the loo.

Lol at the shake accident - these things happen. Just as long as you didn't resort to try and licking it up!

Onwards and downwards
That's me on day three now going well! Still drinking loads of water, I lost count how many pints I had yesterday.

Although I'm feeling good my boyfriend came over yesterday and I was soooo ratty with him, the poor thing. He did kinda bring it on himself tho, he walked in holding a yum yum sat down beside me then started eating it, I could have ripped his head off there and then, lol.

I'm so sick of banana shakes, my councellor only had banana and mint choc, she said she would send me some more but still waiting :(

Thanks to everyone for all there support, I really do appreciate it x
good luck caz. x