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Hi Girlies,

I have indeed won a makeover. I have signed up to receiving Candis magazine for a year and entered thier competition for a free makeover in London. They pay all expenses, they have top make up & hair sylists and show you how to dress for your body shape. It is in January but I am not sure about going. It has thrown up all my insecurities about myself that I thought had gone. I really want to go that's why I entered but now I have won I am bricking it!!!!!! Advice please. xxxx:sigh:
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.........Lol!!!! I can see Julie from your profile picture that you are quite a flamboyant character and I just wish I was too. I want to pole dance, I want to dress differently but my self esteem holds me back all of the time. You would think wouldn't you that having lost most of my weight I would have the confidence to do these things but still I have a problem. I think I am definitely still a work in progress.
WOW hun you have done amazingly and deserve this so go for it. Do you know what id be the same all those things our heads say too us eat us all the time i dont think it ever goes n even if does it takes a long time too. So i guess im trying too say is dont let your head beat you you beat it (well not literally lol)

Something that always makes me happy is watching gok wan fashion fix or how too look good naked because lets face it some of them are not dressed at their bests etc but then he works his magic n teaches them how :) Good luck hunny im sure you are beautiful! xx
You should definitely go for it Bernice. What could be better now that you are so close to goal than to learn how to make the most of yourself? It might even help your self esteem to see how fabulous you look afterwards.
Oh you sooooooooooo have to go... You will really regret it if you don't. I'm not one of those flamboyant people either but I know if it was me I would push myself to do it because a) it's free and you won it and it will go to waste otherwise And b) it will be so much fun and a real treat for you after all your hard work!!
i have always been an out going person. but you seriously have to go. i think the trip will give you some confidence. life is too short to worry about what others think of you. do what you want when you want and if others dont like it then tough!! ;)
we only get one shot at life so lets live it :)
Hear hear!!
I went to something similar a couple of years ago, when I had lost 5 stone. I was really nervous on the day, but soooooooooooo glad I went through with it. (I got all the way there, and nearly didn't go through the door!)

I'm really pleased with the pictures, and it helped me to build some self-esteem. It's weird, I think like has been said on a different thread, it takes a while for your head to catch up with your body, and I didn't really believe the pictures were of me! Although they do look really like me, I was chuffed to bits, I didn't see myself as being the smaller size I was in the pictures. (I'm sure there's a more coherent way of saying that, but can't thing now)
Anyway, I really hope you go and have an amazing time. The people at the one I did were absolutely brilliant, and it was a great day.
Look forward to seeing your pics!
..............well I'm going, I have contacted them and they are sorting out my train ticket. Thanks all.....watch this space and I will try to upload the piccies. xx
Can't wait to see the pics!!


I will never give up
hi hun just see your post you should definately go as i will help you to build your confidence especially when you see how lovely you look in the pics. just be brave. you deserve it.

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