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I just ate a slice of bacon :(((


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I will be skinny again!!!
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Oh dear!!
I know what u mean i nearly did that too!!

Im not sure but are you allowed bacon on the atkins diet?? hopefully i wont take you out ketosis...

I bet it was amazing aswell!! tBacon is what i nearly gave up for the other night lol!!
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Its hard in the first few weeks the amount of times I went to taste something to see if it was cooked or licked my fingers after baking.your still doing great
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hi sweetie!!bless you, think you'll be ok. i was speaking to a girl on lipotrim at the chemist and during that week she has eaten 8 cocktail sausages and some gammon and she still lost 5lb's! I'm by no way encouraging that, but it just goes to show that the odd slip desnt seem to make a huge difference.
I dont think i would have been able to resist bacon either hon!!!!xxxxx


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Hi hun, don't dwell on it. Just get straight back on track. You haven't ruined it with once slice of bacon, as Carebear says you are doing fantastic!


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It can get sooo hard at times. We have had no water here this morning due to a burst pipe, so i think I just needed to pick! But water back....so im sipping now :)


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Carpe diem, baby!
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Bacon won't knock yo uout of ketosis...and it won't make a difference to weight loss as won't a temporary drift from sole source...drink your water and just keep going...a minor slip...it is not the end...keep your chin up, you are entitled to feel disappointed but don't get into the guilt cycle...you've not wrecked anything...little steps...you're doing so well...


Here we go again!
Don't be too hard on yourself Demaris! You've had a couple of hard days lately.

Just keep sipping the water (glug glug) and get your head back into it. You have done so well up to now, I bet it wont make a difference to your weight loss this week.

You know you can do this and I have great faith in you, being a good Cornish lass!

Good luck, we're behind you all the way!


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Well said :) bravo!! lol

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
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Totally agree with nexangelux just a minor blip. You're doing so well. its still early stages and hopefully minor blips will be far fewer. XX
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your doing well so dont worry bout it

you will be fine


My husband = My hero
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Oh love haha what u like! Wudnt even giv it a seconds thought! If anythin it will make u more careful not 2 forget again!! Bet it tasted yummy the!xx
Yep you will be fine - think the main thing that would have an effect is carbs so all fine with bacon!
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hey hun, dont let it bother ya! We all have our little blips but I honestly dont think ya have done any damage and will still have a healthy loss this week.

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