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i just cant do this.......

did nt want to read and run as not had to do a restart yet, all i can say is remember your goals and try your hardest to stick at it, go to bed early read a book go for a walk anything to keep away from the fridge x
Maybe try SS+ and then u still get to look forward to a bit of food in the evening. I've heard the losses are the same as SS?

Good Luck! ;)
thanks guys yes i think maybe only way i can do this is to do ss + but then the min i eat i cant stop, oh lord today is ruined so will try again tom, good luck to everyone else struggling
Hi hun,

Don't beat yourself up this is hard! I think the only way mentally that i get through each week is by imagining how a food i want tastes, and then imagining how it feels just get on the scales and have lost weight/to be slim and healthy/what dress i will buy for xmas party etc, and i tend to find that i don't want to eat anymore because i want to be thin more than i want the instant gratification of the food.

Sorry if this is a bit waffley, but it does get easier honestly the first week is defo the hardest. Now fix an image of you new sexy self in your mind and you are halfway there.

Good luck hun, you can do it, just think you could be a good few stone lighter for xmas!!!Yay!

H xxx
How is today 'ruined'? Are you not able to incorporate what you have eaten into one of the CD plans, even if it is the 1500 plan? I re-started last week every day I intended on doing SS, but It was too much for me, I had to eat, so I ended up doing between 1000 and 810, gradually reducing my carbs. I'm in ketosis today (after 5 days) and hoping to have my first SS day today.

You can do this, honestly, you can!
i have never done any plan other than ss so i must dig out my books to find out what i can eat on ss + as i think that may be only way i can survive
but ur right i do want to be thin more than i want to eat so will try my best to find my willpower

thanks for all ur help guys
I'm in the same boat as you (and round about the same weight). I just can't get into it like I did when I did it first time round. I'm not going to give up, but I am going to try something other than SS as it seems too much for me at the moment. I'm happy to lose it at a slower rate so long as it stays off!!!!

Hey, I just wanted to say, it can be done! I was in your boat a couple of weeks ago. Every day I would struggle to restart it and thought I would never get on it again! But I am over a week on it now and feel really back on track. You really can do it! I had to get just one day done and I basically locked myself in the house that day with no food around. Good luck x
thanks bunny think thats what i gonna have to do too, just want to get a few days over with then i be so on road, ok tom is d day

Trouble is I can't do the "no food in the house" thing. I have three kids who have hollow legs and I work mainly from home. If I have a few days when I am actually physically at work, I lose weight.

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