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I just realised - If I lose weight today I will OFFICIALLY weigh...


Nojo on the YoYo
ONE HUNDRED AND SOMETHING POUNDS! ONE hundred and something! I haven't been one-hundred-and-something pounds since university, and that was a long long time ago! :eek:

OMG, maybe I should adjust my ticker to show what I was at my biggest and now to spur me on even more! What do you think?
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wow! that's fab :D keeping fingers crossed for you! x

and yes - update your ticker!!! it's not just your SW successes we want to celebrate :D xx


Nojo on the YoYo
:D thanks guys, I know i'm being a bit self-indulgent today, but really really focussed for my WI, it means loads today that I have a decent (2lb+) loss. I really want it. Want want want.
excellent ticker! that's fab - good luck for tonight :D x


Nojo on the YoYo
Congratulations, that's wonderful, you are an inspiration to a 'bigger' dieter like myself - I have my fingers and toe's crossed for your WI, good luck. X
Oh my dear Donnie, you can so so do this, I did mine mainly with SW but not at class. I did some other bits and bobs along the way, a couple of months of WW here and there, I also did about 6 months of doing 1 month WW and one month SW, but it was mainly SW that did it for me. :D

It's taken 2 years to get this far though, and I have lost 10lbs of a 1.5 stone gain and don't want to give up now!


Slow but sure....
Thank you Vixxster, with girls like you on this forum for inspiration and help I shall get there, it may take a while, but I'm going no where except to Thinsville eventually, good luck for your WI.

p.s. I tried to rep you, but I have to spread it around unfortunately - sorry about that because you deserve it. X


I will succeed!!!
Awww what a milestone!!! I hope you do - keep us posted. AND WELL DONE!!! xxx

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