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I just won this on ebay!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by polishrose, 12 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

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  3. incognito

    incognito Well-Known Member

  4. Lexie_dog


    Very nice!

    Where you going on holiday Rose?
  5. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Well-Known Member

    that is very pretty rose, im sure it will fit beautifully
  6. babyblues

    babyblues Well-Known Member

    sa-whit sa-woo!
  7. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    skinny jeans?Not likely-my top half is a lot smaller than my bottom half and I also have very fat calves and ankles-always have done.I'm a size 16 on top now so it should be OK but I'm a size 20 on the bottom so I shouldn't think I'll get smaller than a size 18 by then,possibly a 16.

    lexie I'm going to Poland to visit family.I'm hoping to get my spacewagon fixed so we can all go together,cos if not my ex husband will have to have the kids for a week, as we can't not go as it's my OH's brother's wedding.
  8. Lexie_dog


    Ooooh where in Poland?

    My family are from Sajenek/Augustowa and mums side are from Lobz/Pabianice
  9. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    I have family all over the place including Augustow/Bialystok, but this year we'll be in Warszawa/Siedlce:) Do you speak Polish lexie?
  10. Lexie_dog


    No, not really, my dad wouldn't teach us when we were younger claiming it would interfere with our schoolwork.

    I could probably get by on holiday asking for groceries, beer, and money. Some directions, that kind of thing but no where near fluent.
  11. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    Oh that's a shame- mine were the complete opposite and taught us Polish first before we went to school and we always spoke Polish at home.I did the same with my kids and I can't say it's ever affected schoolwork.In fact it helped me with languages and my eldest daughter says the same thing :)
  12. Lexie_dog


    I know, my mum argued the same points but he refused. Mym mum conversely spoke only Polish until she went to school and then really struggled with English, despite being born in Glasgow, it was all she ever spoke. She then was trained out of Polish speaking and now doesn't speak any at all.

    I speak more French and German than I do Polish, which I find rather sad.
  13. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    It helps that we have Polish TV these days and easy access to books/internet too.I always think it's such a shame when the original language isn't upheld.
  14. Lexie_dog


    my brother speaks it (self taught) so might get him to teach me. Would be good to add to the language library as it were!
  15. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    There you go-learn Polish and keep your mind off food :)
  16. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    My Nan was Polish and apparently used to speak Polish to us kids when we were little but I didn't see her for quite a while as I got older so when I did I didn't remember any of it really and she had to resort to English! I think my mum can still speak Polish though, I can only remember odd words, and a nursery rhyme!
  17. polishrose

    polishrose Well-Known Member

    Which nursery rhyme? :)
  18. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I have no idea how to write it out in polish! I'd write it phonetically but it'd look silly and make no sense I'm sure! It's about two kittens playing with a child. I'll ask my mum if she can write it in polish later.
  19. Lexie_dog


    Rather absurdly I know the words to the "Chip and Dale" Theme in Polish as it was always on when we were on holiday.

    Oh and Bolek & Lolek. That was a cartoon that we never understood a word of, but we still watched it!

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