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I know its naughty but...

G: 9st3lb
Okay to say im finding this diet difficult is an understatement...im not looking for sympathy or reassurance hehe....its just the last three days for some reason ive taken to putting food in my mouth, chewing to extract the flavour then spitting it out....so im not actually swallowing anything but will it still affect ketosis!? I know its desperate and bad!lol

If anyone knows id be most grateful!!

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Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Not a good habit to start.

Why not do SS+ or 810 plan for 3days ... get yourself into ketosis and then revert back to SS if you want to.

I know how hard it is ... my restarts have been going on for 18months! only just holding in there this time, but Saturday is 3weeks since I restarted - and so far so good!


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I don't think its a good thing because your stomach starts to produce acid, not sure of the detail. I struggled two weeks of SS but 790 is absolutely fab, why don't you give it a try? I had a two shakes in the day, then a jazzed up evening meal (i.e. cajun chicken, tikka, cod n herbs etc) then a bar in the evening, I can honestly say I was never hungry and I stuck to it. I suspect if you carry on doing what your doing it won't be long before you hit that slippery slope!!! take control now and find a method that suits you! Good luck!
Going to be honest here, either do a plan with food or stick to SS.

Chewing food and spitting it out is eating disorder territory.
Try 790 (or 810 as its now called) - I have struggled SSing for it seems ages, kept picking and punishing myself and the scales finally stuck so I had a long weekend away therefore having a break from the diet and came back to the 790 as I felt that I needed to do something that felt "new" and therefore a new challenge. I have stopped picking during the day as I know I am sitting down with the family for a meal in the evening and since my break away my first weigh in after not seeing my CDC for 10 days, instead of my usual weekly visit and I have lost 4 lbs so I am over the moon! I am hoping to carry on doing this now til goal x
:break_diet: You're not alone .... but I have only done it twice. Once with a bit of really fresh baked bread and once with a bit of cheese.

I guess I will have to take a read of the link too :eek:.

I added curry powder to a mushroom soup yesterday to give it a bit more flavour - it was lovely. Might try adding some chilli to the Oriental Chilli to give it more of a kick.


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If i were you i should begin changin your nickname. You must feel very low too choose a nick like that. Don't punish yourself like that hun, every human is worthwhile, fat or not. Please stop with what you're doing because going on like this may give you an eating disorder (the next step can be that you swallow the food and put your finger in your troath). You're not a fat pig.......you're a beautiful human being with a bigger size (that means a lot to love). I hope this gives you some food for thought. I hope you can get back on the CD wagon because that will give you such a boost at the end. I lost 28 kg till now and yes, i also had my ups and downs. I even have an eating disorder for which i start with hypnotherapy next week. Last weekend i went shopping and i bought really nice sexy clothes, a little extravagant, exactly as i like my clothes to be. I can't express how my life has changed for the better.

Go stand in front of the mirror and imagine how you will look when you loose the weight you wanna loose. Combine that with the beautiful character you'll certainly have. What you see in that mirror is not the fat pig you think you are!!!!!!

Take care.

Big hugs!

G: 9st3lb
Thank you everyone...never thought about the spitting thing being any more than satisfying hunger- didnt think it could ever have been anything like an eating disorder! Worried me now!! I am going to 100% get back on it tomorrow and not do it at all...cross my heart!
Got my weigh in and think im going to be mega disappointed so it'll prove its definately not okay!
Going to go and think about the damage ive done!
I just have to get back on wagon and remember the reasons why i am doing this!
Botozi especially thanks and well done with your success i only wish i could have done so well! :( xxx


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Ok hun, that's the spirit. It's only human to fall of the wagon. Take it day by day. You only fail when you stop trying!!!

G: 9st3lb
I still managed to lose 4lbs...and i got some bars today and just had one- bloody lovely and i think it will help and am determined not to do it anymore!xxx
S: 16st6lb C: 15st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st11lb(4.78%)
I do SS+ so I can get my food fix, I hope you find that the bars work for you. If not, why not ask your CDC about SS+ or 810? Soon to be gorgeous has lost nearly all her weight doing 790/810, and I've heard from other people that the weight loss difference between these and totally SSing is not too different, average about 3lb per week.

Good luck with whatever you decide, be kind to yourself.

Theresa x

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