I know on this diet you can lose a stone/month,but are there ways of speeding it up?


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I think you are doing just fine as you are - you've had excellent losses so far!

Just keep on drinking loads of water, around 4 litres a day is good. As long as you stick strictly to SS and don't cheat, your body will burn fat and you will loose weight at the optimum for you.

Good luck


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Stick to the rules hun and you will be fine!

Some people swear that the more water they drink, the more weight they lose, but tbh I wouldnt go over 6 litres a day if I were you.

As Champness said, you will lose weight at the optimum rate for you if you stick to the plan


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You are doing great! I wish I could loose it quicker, but at this rate it is not unhealthy. You could chop your legs off! Then you would loose it quicker! ;) Serious though you keep at it, this will be the quickest you ever loose the weight, keep it up x