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I Made Pasties!! :)


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I have been itching to cook now for a couple of weeks so today i made pasties - 10 infact!!!! 2 cheese and oinion (one for my little bro and mum) and 2 extra large cornish ones (for me chap and other bro) 2 corn beef ones for me gma and gdad and then 2 more cornish ones for my bro to take back to camp with him!

I am very impressed!
They smell soooo good cooking, its a shame i cant taste them myself!
My brother said his was delish - better than a cornish from a shop - so i am pleased!! lol

Anyways, just thought id share!! whooo! :) lol
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mmmmmm sounds great.
I made a Choc Fudge cake yesterday.... well 2 actually! Ive packed one for my family to take to my OH's house when they go to see him and also one for the kids. They loved it..! It smelled good thats all I know.. but I'll have to trust everyone else with the taste.

I wanted to post a pic up of my cake .. but i thought it would be cruel. lol

Hmm... what you thinking of making next?
ok im drooling!!
Im gonna make shepherds pie... or... hmmm.. maybe i should make lasagne. I have the kids this weekend coz everyones going to London.. I'll ask them what they wanna eat.


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Chelly that is just weird!! lol cornbeef, onion and cheese!! lol

I am going to make a cake next - simple jam and cream sponge but iced decoratively .... :)

Then, its going to be a chocolate sponge! Cuz cakes is what i ultimatley want to get into!


I will be skinny again!!!
mmm I think it would be yummy

Thats what I have if im having a toastie :)


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haha!!! i really doesnt sound nice! but i am going to try it when i am off LT - maybe my tastebuds would have changed ..... lol
you ladies need a medal for will power resisting food you've cooked yourself! My poor OH is on pre-made frozen food and ready meals (even though im not a fan of the things). I really miss cooking though only been doing in for a few yrs but i luv it! Very experimental cook!


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we shall see chell! lol I will report back to you in June!! lol

And weirdly kmgvet - i find cooking quite theraputic and actually in a weird way helps cravings etc lol
nice send me one through post please lol


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haha!! it might go off as you gotta keep pasties in the fridge right?!! lol
touche lol never mind


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haha next time i make them give me your address and i will send you one! dont blame me if it breaks in the post or goes off! lol x
lol sound cheers


Here we go again!
I always make a corned beef, onion and cheese pasty for myself when making them. They're lovely! Hubby prefers a good ol cornish pasty but not me. I also have (had) corned beef, cheese, onion and marmite in a toasted sandwich. It's really good. Hopefully my tastebuds wont want this when I finish this diet, too much fat!

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