I messed up


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Ashamed to say it but it is day 1 for me again today.

I done really well right up to Saturday when I had a call to say my Nan had suffered a stroke. She is 93 and we are all very close to her, it was a big shock as she has always seemed so tough. I don’t ever think of her being that age. Then seeing my Dad so upset and worried, made me upset and yep you guessed it, I rewarded myself with rubbish food. I won’t go into it on here but I well and truly stuffed up.

I weighed myself Saturday morning (Day 6) and I had lost 11lbs but when I weighed myself this morning I have put 8lbs back on.

So here I go again, back onto the shakes. I am not visiting her tonight so it should be easier for me to stick to it(to be honest I am so knackered I just want to sleep).

When am I going to learn that eating doesn’t make everything go away? I hate myself for giving up at the first opportunity but then my brain is playing tricks on me saying its ok, your Nan is really sick, your upset. I am so worried about her that I feel bad for being concerned about being so fat.

My husband tried to convince me not to SS but to have a small meal in the evening after visiting for a few days and then SS, go into it gradually but I just feel like a failure.


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sorry to hear about your nan hun, I for one would of done the same as you at the start of my cd journey, but the longer you are on cd you seen to build a beter relationship with food and it isnt the 1st thing you reach for. I know that dosnt help how you feel right now but next time you are in a stressful sistuation just remeber how you feel right now.xx

Good luck on getting back on track and I hope you nan is ok.xx


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Hey Nina, sorry to hear about your nan hun.
Don't feel too bad about turning to food it's something we have all done in the past and it's hard to get out of the habit. At least you have decided to get back so that's a good sign. maybe you would find easier to SS+ whilst you're having such a stressful time.
Hope things get better soon


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Hi MrsT,

Just wanted to echo what Susan said, it does get easier and guess what... you know what your doing, that is half the battle, just get back onto it and if it starts getting stressful again - take 1 minute out before you put food in to your mouth and think of something that will help you cope better, talking to a friend or maybe posting on here - I'm not preaching, I had an argument over something silly last night with my OH, went into the kitchen and started to eat cold baked beans! (i hate baked beans btw) after 2 mouthfuls I stopped myself... 10 weeks ago i could never have done that, Susan is right it does get easier.

Hope your Nan feels better soon.


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I thoroughly reccommend SS+ -- a very small meal. I have lost 3 stone on SS+ since June. Worth considering. It does become routine. I have got to the point where I really don't want food, no matter what happens, good or bad. I don't need it to celebrate anymore, or for comfort. You will get there. Little steps. So try a week on SS+ first and then see how you feel about SSing.

Good luck, and I hope your nan gets better soon.


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firstly sorry to hear about your nan, my hugs sent to you and your family, what i have learned on my cd journey is that i eat when im emotional, if OH has a go about the house not being tidy, where are his socks, the kids are moaning cause they can not do their homework and where is the remote control, and life gets on top of me i eat, i will admit this is when i raid the fridge look for something i know i should not have, take myself off to the conservatory with a cup of coffee and i eat, dont care what it is (usually thick home cut white bread and lashings of butter) i think i do this because im actually allowing myself time to myself, where i can not hear the kids, the OH and the dog barking cause it wants a walk. I have learned now that i can still take myself away from them all, but without the food, i just take a coffee, i put a sign up on the door to enter at own risk, i have my coffee a ciggy and i chill, only when i feel ready to go back to the mayhem i do, on my terms not theres, this has worked for me.

We eat the wrong food for the wrong reasons, ie, bad day at work, someone shouting at us, when we are upset, when life gets tough, we should eat when we are hungry.... but we dont.

I hope you nan recovers and your emotional eating sorts itself out, sometimes going outside the back door and shouting at the top of your voice (yes you look stupid) works, i thought this barmy but it seems to relieve tension... and makes you smile afterwards, try it you will be surprised

hugs to you x


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Thanks for responding, I know I need to draw a line under it and move on. plus it has made me realise that my eating is about emotion rather than hunger. I am trying to be disapointed and just put it down as a lesson learnt for future reference.

I think I am going to SS+ for a few days and then see, but not set myself any limits on SS'ing again which is what I want. I felt so good about it.

When SS+'ing will I still go into Ketosis?



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yes you will still be in the big K x


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Good luck with SS+ Mrs T. I have been doing SS for a while now and moved up to SS+ last week and I absolutely love it and wish I had done it right from the beginning!

I much prefer it to SS!