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I need a hug

Hi peeps.....

I am feeling reallllly low today. I have been in constan pain since last Sunday. I was diagnosed about 6 months ago with Cervical Spondylosis, Fibromyalgia and RSI. Last Sunday my hip went out, and I was in agony so doc signed me off for two weeks. Hip started to feel better, and then 2 days ago my neck started to seize up. And now, its frozen. I can't move it - any move I do make makes me want scream - I can't hardly swallow - even that hurts the back of my neck!

It is the worst pain I have ever had with it to date- my range of motion is about 2 inches left and right and thats is. Its pure agony, and I spent most of last night in tears, and woke in tears and had a right paddy. Piles of pain pills are doing nothing. It just hurts so much I could scream. And I did.

I don;t tend to be too outward with my pain, I try to keep in inside, or cry in private, etc.,but this got the best of me...its just contstant constant constant constant constant. THere is just not a second of relief. ANd its making me crazy. :(

I am just feeling so rough and so frustrated as there is nothing that can be done for it - just gotta 'live with it' which I do pretty well day to day - but having a reall real low moment.

I have no desire to eat - thats not the worry. I just want to stop hurting and crying....and I just need some TLC. Not my OH's strongest point. He is concerned and feels for me, but hes a man. Need I say more. Bless him.

Please, does anyone have a magic wand? :( :cry::cry::cry:
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Awwwww babe, sounds like we both need hugs, gis a hugxxxxxxxxxxx
Ive taken my daily dose of pills and cant take no more today, dont know what im gonna do...I probably will take more


Staff member
Hi BL,

So very sorry to hear you are going through such terrible ongoing pain and I hope you get some relief soon

Sending you some positives vibes and hugs:hug99::vibes::vibes::vibes:

Love Mini xxx
((((((BL)))))) Hate to say it but would a trip to hospital help, or call and see if you can get an emergency doctor out for some strong painkillers?
Thanks hon. As for trip to the hospital - no, there's nothing they could do. ITs just a very nasty peice of arthritis - the discs in my neck have disintegrated, so my vertabrea are just sat on top of themselves, with all the nerves squished in between. SO only meds can do anything unfortunately. :( usually the pain pills work, but this is quite severe/ Codeine was no good yesterday so tryin Tramadol today. Just took 2 of them a little bit ago - hoping htey help.

But your idea about going for stronger meds, if this doesn't do it is a good one. Will see in an hour ro so how the Tramadol is working. Thanks so much hon.

I hate to moan - I really do - but it's a bit like a pressure cooker. It hurts every day but I keep it inside, until it gets like this - then I have a melt down and a right pity party. Don't usually cry as much as this has beenmaking me though - but surely those tears weigh something so can only help on the scales. lol gotta try and find a bright side.

THanks love.
BL - I should be clearer. I meant a trip to the hospital for some stronger meds, even some morphine? Also, have you been given the option of seeing a pain consultant? If there's nothing else can be done (so sorry to hear that), at least a consultant should be able to give you some options for what to do when the pain gets that severe.
That has been mentioned to me. I think I am at the point I need to see them, as if this is what can happen - and it happens again, it would be wonderful to know ways to help it. I am waiting for a Rheumotologist referral appointment. I will mention that to them - thats a very good idea. Thanks for that.

It did cross my mind this morning that I should perhaps go to the hospital - but then then discounted it as being pointless - had not considered it for a jab or pill of something stronger. Might do that later.

X thank you LS for your good ideas. <hugs>


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Massive, hugs, ginormous hugs to you BL

I hope you find a solution with the meds soon. Maybe until then you can use some relaxation techniques to relieve some of it anyway. I've used some that I've found on youtube in the past. NLP ones. I really found they helped take the edge off. (oh...and whisky, but that's not really an option for you ;))


One day at a time
Hey BL,

Sorry late reply, but just wanted to say my mum has spondylosis.

She has had her back fixed, but only after begging for the op. The surgeon didn't want to touch her, but she pretty much agreed to sign anything he wanted. It has given her relief, but still gets bad days, and still needs mega painkillers sometimes.

She also had a work on her neck, and r. arthritis.

So, my advice would be totry to get another referral to your specialist as things may have deteriorated, and only a scan/xray is gonna tell you what's going on. Probably best to pm me if you want any other info.

Big hugs,
Thanks Lumpy.

I have a Reuhmotologist referral pending. I know surgically that the backs a bit different with different procedures. The only surgical option for the neck is fusing the neck bones together and then to the chest bone, which is something I will not even consider. Ever.

Glad your mom has gotten some relief - but yeah, can imagine there will still be bad days. Its horrible. Really awful.

Thanks Lumpy - Im sure I'll have some questions maybe, if I do I'll PM you.

Thanks hon.

Aww BL I really feel for you. Its one thing being is loads of pain but another not being able to do anything about it.

Here's hug from me


Aw, thanks everyone, again. What beautiful people you all are. :)

I am no better I am afraid to report. 4 Tramadol down today. Now counting them like I used to count Litres. lol Just had to cancel our plans for the night - missing our mates birthday bash. Been looking forward to it for weeks- was gonna get dressed up 'n everything.

BUt there's no way I can go out. Its just this constant pressure - its as if someone has put the base of my skull and my neck in a vice, and theres just not a seconds relief. COuld make someone lose their mind. Like I kinda did this morning. ANd of course the near constant muscle spasms. Me no like it. :(

But you all give me warm fuzzzies, and I love you for that - this is such a caring community - no matter who is hurting, people are there to support whether we "know" them or not - and thats just so cool.

THanks everyone. Returning back lots of hugs to you all too.
Really sorry to hear how bad you are feeling, is there any chance your OH could call the gp out of hours service about some additional pain relief? Sorry if this is an obvious one and you have already considered/done it, just don't like to think of you suffering without any help over the weekend. Take care x
Hugs on the way to you

So sorry you are in such a lt of pain. It seems so unfair after the tremendous achievement you have made with your
fabulous weight loss. I know your pain must be extreme because you are always for everyone so strong for everyone else on here.
It's your turn now for us all to support you.
I think asking your GP for referral to a pain management clinic is a good idea.
You will need to learn to have control over your pain rather than it control you. It cane done - and with the will-power you have already shown - you WILL do it.
Good luck, LOTS OF LOVE coming your way
BL sorry hun, not been online with guests here. So sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I have no helpful suggestions as everyone has already made them. Hopefully your rheumatology appt will come through soon. I've just been seeing rheumatiology for my pain. Are you on Amitriptyline at all and do you take any non-steroidals such as Diclofenic or Ibuprofen?

Hope you have a better day today, sending big squishy (gentle) hugs x
Hi Ladies - thanks for you concern.

Unfortunately, I am no better. :(

Last night wsa rough - just as I was going to bed I got sick. I suppose all the pain meds ona mostly empty tummy and all.

Just feel really retched. :( Its so frustrating because I cannot find any way to sit or lay down that doesn't hurt. The Tramadol did seem to make me 'not care' so much, so I will continue with that. and I suppose if it means gettring sick at the end of the day, at least I get through the day.

My OH is at work all day but I have freinds dropping in later - if its gotten worse may ask them to take me yo A&E for a jab of something strong. Will see how the day goes.

Goint to go have a good soak now and see if I can't soften the muscles, even a tiny bit.

Thanks everyone.

All you youngsters out there - do take care of your body. I am pretty certain all these problems I have now are related to something stupid I did whan I was 19. (jumped off a 5 story bridge into a lake and broke both legs. Now laods of skeletal problems, probably related to the impact even back then) - so - be careful - you WILL pay for you sins later~ ;)


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