I need a major slap!!!

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  1. Keighleyjo2010

    Keighleyjo2010 Silver Member

    I have avoided the forum for weeks now.

    I am so disappointed in myself, I was so focused before crimbo, then crimbo come along and bam, I have struggled so much since, I am about albs off from my start weight. I have done the diet then fallen of the wagon, and stayed off then had my morning shake then binged.

    I don't know what is wrong with me I am failing tremendously and I can't seem to find my feet and stick with this.

    I don't have a CDC as it is my mum an I don't see her I don't know if this is my problem, the fact I'm not seeing someone. Yeah she's on the end of the phone but I find it so easy to cheat and lie about it.

    I need serious help, I am really unhappy but I can't break this vicious cycle that I have going on.

    I don't know what to do anymore!!
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  3. puzzles

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    (((Huge hugs))) I hope someone has more constructive advice - maybe you could do SS + for a bit if you miss 'real' food? Xxx
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Aw honey it is so hard to get yourself into the zone. Perhaps it would be an idea to get yourself a CDC that isn't your mum, and make the commitment to go to her weekly x
  5. Keighleyjo2010

    Keighleyjo2010 Silver Member

    If I could afford to go to some1 I would
  6. mellie

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    Cambridge Diet
    I messed about with the diet a few times last year but was not ready to make the commitment, I would get to day 3 and think nah I don't want to diet I want one of those chocolates or a glass of wine and then be disappointed with myself.

    I decided I had to sort myself out I felt so miserable going out over Christmas as my friends are so tiny so thought right it's a day at a time I will aim to be 100 percent. I sent a text to my cdc everyday that first week and I was so pleased when I got past day 3.

    So please don't be hard on yourself no one is perfect we all have difficulties and when you are ready you will do it, but until then no pressure, it's when you are ready in your own mind.

    So when you are ready to be honest with yourself then you will be strong and take it a day at a time xx
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  7. Lily

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    Methinks it's time you had an honest chat with your Mum.

    But maybe you also need to have an honest chat with yourself first.

    • Why do you want to lose weight?
    • Why do you want to lose weight using Cambridge (and not some other diet plan like SW or WW)?
    • Are you dieting for yourself or your Mum?
    • If your Mum's supplying the products, presumably she's doing so at cost. Do you think she might agree to send you the money so that you can see another CDC (one you can't fib to!) so that all you have to do is make up the difference in retail price?
  8. MiniMimi2091

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    Cambridge Diet Step 2

    Now, my dear, we are drawing line under all you mischievous behaviour missy!
    Get back on track with immediate effect. Just think about it: end of June you might be whole THREE stone lighter!!! See the big picture?
    What's this few last week means in a grant scheme? Nothing really.
    You are on a winner if you will re-start again RIGHT NOW!
    Come on - you can do it!!!
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