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I need a new summer jacket


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just looking, atm i am size 22 evan for jackets, am after a denim one. just thinking really, it would be better to egt a 20 for now off ebay and then sell it on once thats too big? what do you all do for clothes on this diet? my jeans i can deal with as i have a big belt ranging from size 16-24, but will sell on my old jeans once i get to an 18 i think. is there a clothes selling bit on here lol.
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If you go to the ebay thread on the front page people sell things on there


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It's a nightmare!! Although it's lovely watching your clothes get baggy, the practicalities of buying new clothes that will only last for a short amount of time is expensive!!

I've bought a pair of jeans off ebay for £1, only Asda ones but they're ok - I think that unless you have money to burn then try and see what you can get on ebay, or try the cheapy ranges at Supermarket, Asda and tesco do cheap jeans, (though I find that the CHEAP ones aren't a very flattering shape) if you can put up with that then that's an option.

As for Jackets.. I'm so nearly too small for my denim jacket and will be selling it soon. It's a size 20 from Dorethy Perkins and it's a lovely flattering shape!! So you can have first refusal.. I should sell it now really because I'm starting to wear 16's now but I have that old 'I might put on weight again' thing .. Stooopid... sorry.. I've gone off on a tangent
Is your weight in today? hows it going with the hunger?
I am fortunate enough to live in a big city- we have a huge TKMaxx and 2 M&S outlet stalls (jeans for a fiver!) and an outlet shopping mall. I shop little and often, won't buy anything unless its heavily reduced. e-bay is a good source too, so use the threads on here. If you are on vlcd it is always worth getting one size smaller than you think, cos by next week you might be there! I have also bought bargain clothes in much smaller sizes (14 and I am currently 18)- if I never fit into them they can go on ebay

It is very difficult though- natural desore is to show off new figure and not wera baggy clothes- as I type this shirt is falling off me, but I am NOT going to but any new ones just yet (trying to be convincing....)

having said that a mass replacement of underwear is rapidly becoming necessary- don't really want to by that second hand ;)


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weigh in is tomorrow, hunger is ok, not really hungrey but just craving foods. have decluttered my kids bedroom, my middle daughter was diagnosed as asthmatic about a fortnight ago so i have been slowly removing her soft toys off her bed.

thanks for the offer roosters, :) i will offer all my old stuff on here, I bought some new clothes a couple of weeks before starting so they wont haver much wear lol.

i can cope with asda cheapy range, it will only be for a short while wont it.


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oh yes, underwear shopping, i have a rather large cup size so am hopi9ng that i can get something cheap that will fit in my cup size, usually spend a fortune on bras.
I don't think i will have a problem with in between size clothes beacuase I have a colection of all sizes which i have never been able to wear.
Will be nice to get some use out of them

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