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I need a slapped wrist

Dont want to tell you this really but I feel I should be honest with myself.

Last night I delibertely got rid of my husband and daughter so I could have a binge. They have been so good supporting me and I dont know why or what happened but when the went out (to collect my computer) I raided the cupboard and ate cheese and biscuits with pickle.

It wasnt even that nice, I also ate a chocolate reindeer (poor thing).

Today, as you can guess, I feel that I have cheated not only myself but have been deceitful to my husband and daughter.

I am hoping this is a one off as I have been soo good and dont want to go backwards.

A bit like Silouettes posts most of my dieting has gone into self distruct after being sucessful and I am hoping that this is not the case.

You have permission to give me a slap.:whip:

Sorry I feel I have let everyone down.:cry:
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you had a one day blip, you have stopped yourself and started again with the diet. the fact you are back in control so quickly instead of continuing to binge shows that you have come a long way.
You can do this and more importantly you ARE doing this, one cheat does not mean that you have 'blown it'.
We can do this together :)

sil x
Hey, to err is human, and all that. But if you are prone to this sort of thing it's an important part of the future for you to work out how this happened. None of my business, of course, but in your own head you need to know why, what led up to it, and what emotion you were trying to deal with. Obviously you weren't in an adult state, so what was in your head?

Get that clear, plan how to deal with it differently next time (because there will be a next time), and move ahead stronger.

Here endeth the sermon. Amen.

Deb G

Silver Member
Yeah - just work out what led you to it and work out ways to deal with it differently in the future. I've been struggling with the urge to binge the past few days, and its only knowing that the end is in sight that is stopping me - that and a pair of jeans I bought the other day that I can only just about squeeze into that I am determined to be able to slip on in a month!


Strong women stay slim
Poor reindeer , did you bite the head off first then the body , its just like a jelly baby , the head goes first lol .
This happens to so many people , the thought of tucking into something good and for us to hide the fact , because we know we won't like what we hear or the look we get ....
hope you find that you can get back on SS with no trouble !!
Aw Ladlite - bless <hugs> That was brave of you to post that.

As said already - you are human, and we do slip up.

You have been doing really well, and I am sure you will get back on track. You'll get there in the end, and with each slip-up you will learn things about yourself and be better prepared to face similar distractions in the future.

Chin up, and grab that focus again!!!

<hugs> You're going to succeed.
Acutally the head was already bitten off by someone, not me.

As regards the feelings I think it was just pure rebelliousness. The Oh and daughter had not long eaten a delicious meal of chickens breasts with all the trimmings and I felt terribly jealous and deprived.

My computer at home is being sorted tomorrow, so perhaps when I feel rebellious again I will have to turn to the site for help.
It was just a blip, think of your long term goal and one tiny slip isn't the end of the world. It is so easy to think you've blown it, so why bother but don't fall into that way of thinking. I have done that all my life, I tried, but I blew it so why bother and I am determined not to let myself do it any longer. Good luck and don't let one tiny bump in the road stop you from getting to your destination!
it was a small blip, the most important thing is to put it behind u, dust urself off and get right back on track :)

Even if its "what u always do" it doesnt mean its what u have to keep doing, the further into LL you get, the more u will find out about what triggers u to eat, and how to prevent it :)

We are at roughly the same stage, I have done a few more weeks than you and I know exactly how it feels... the whole exciting part has gone and it has become routine... keep ur eyes on the prize and ull be there in no time ;)


Strong women stay slim
saved a few Cals there as the head had gone lol , i know its hard ... yes lets hope pc is up and running soon , really will help
awe *hugs*. Don't be so hard on yourself. Remember to break the dodgy eating habits we have built up over many years takes time, not just a few days or weeks. The fact that you were aware you did it, and why (e.g. being rebellious) means that you are a much better place to do something different (i.e. leave the poor wee reindeer alone next time!!) next time you feel the need to be rebellious.

The way I see it is.. think about how a little toddler learns to walk. The first 2-3 times they fall over when trying to walk, they simply look a bit put out, dust themselves down and try again then or later. But they keep trying, and eventually practise makes perfect and up they get and walk brilliantly.

If we keep aware of where we are going wrong and why, and keep trying to replace the binges or secret eating with something non foody.. we will get there in the end...Just dust yourself down, and promise yourself you will keep trying and not give up!


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