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I Need Motivated!!im Really Not Well :(

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:wave_cry:Hi everyone

well im not well at all i have tonsilitis, my voice is now gone and have a tickly cough keepin me awake all nite :( plus i have the cold AND an inflammed eardrum!!not gud week for me!

since fri, i havent done SW at all as i just have no energy! to be honest i havent eaten a great deal but wat i have eaten isnt food optimising!goin to try and get back on track 2mro!my consultant has mentioned throwin in a few red days as she thinks it will speed up my weight loss!

any tips guys? as im useless on red days!thanks!:sign0009:xxx
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Hi Christie, sorry you are feeling so awful, hope you start feeling better soon.:sick:

I'm not on SW, but did it years ago......

If it hasnt chnaged then my advice for a nice sloppy dinner to easily swallow would be shepherds pie. I used to make it with lean mince, onions, mushrooms, instant gravy (syns) and topped with mashed swede and carrot. Or you could make up a thick veg soup (without the pots) free on green or red then. All the vitamins might help perk you up a bit.

:eat:My fav red day used to be Spag bol with pasta from my B list (not sure if they still have A & B Lists).

hope you are feeling better soon. x x x


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Oh sorry your not feeling well hun I am full of a rotten stinking cold too:(. What about a fish pie.

I don't have exact amounts I am terrible and just guess on the amounts.

1)Cod cut into cubes
2)about a pt of fish stock made with 2 Knorr stock cubes
3)small tin of sweetcorn
5) 1pt of milk
6)Cornflour or I use Mcdougalls sauce thickener

Put on the oven to a highish heat
First peel and chop the swede and boil then mash and cover. Or you could use potatoes instead and use as a hex choice or syns.

Simmer the fish in the stock till tender

Add in the sweetcorn and cornflour and stir

Then warm up the milk in the microwave and add to the fish mixture (you have to warm it up then or it will curdle when you add it and if you add milk in at the beginning it curdles too)

Place in a casserole dish and cover with mash, You can use a hex choice and add cheese on the top if you like. Stick in the over till the top browns to your liking.

Sorry for the terrible way I have typed this.:eek:
I WAS GOING TO SAY ICE CREAM THEN I REALISED WE R ON A DIET FORUM SORRY IM NOT MUCH HELP. I would usually have mashed potatoes and cheese HE-a.
I know this sounds harsh but wht i find helps me is salt and vinegar crisps (sea salt and balsamic vinegar i used to use) and i find it takes the sting out of the tonsil, trust me i get tonsillitis 6 times a yeaar and it does work.
Hope your feeling much better soon and im praying i dont get it.
Ruthy xxxx


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For the tonsilitis I used to get soluble aspirin, 3 in a glass of water and gargle with it 3 times then add low sugar squash to the rest and down it. It really eases the pain.

As for the red recipes, I usually stick to green days but I agree that shepherds pie is a great option

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