I need pure will power tonight

Sweet Cheeks

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Hey everyone im dreading tonight :( ive got a birthday party which involves alot of alcohol and buffet food :party0051: and very pushy friends who wont stop till u say oh go on then ill have just one

I am gunna need alot of will power to get through the night as its only day two for me i just hope i can do it, i dont wanna break my diet :break_diet: because i woke up this morning feeling great about myself i made a vannilla with a bit of coffee n sweetner and walked to work with it and am now just sitting down to a chicken soup which odly i dont mind them

Wish me luck peeps n keep ya fingers crossed for me :sign0009:
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Fingers crossed, but don't give in to your friends.
Just remember - when it comes to buffet;

"Every Taste adds to you Waist!"

Good luck! :)


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Hi Sweet Cheeks

I have a birthday party as well tonight, - Going to be hard but you have to think a moment on the lips and having to restart again is just not worth it - If your ok to tell me your on a vlcd if not say ur on antibiotics have to drink lots of water and cutting back on the cake etc take a plate walk around with it then put it down no one will know

good luck thinking of u


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hi sweet cheeks sending you loads of good thoughts get a glass os fizzy water tell everyone its a G&T / V&T are you strong enough to have a plate with a few bits on to pretend your eating
all the best be strong you will survive it


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Good luck tonight I have been in your situation it is hard but you can do it, I managed to resist just drank water all night (was driving hehe) and told everyone Id eaten before i came out and am trying to be good xx


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if you don't want to tell people what you are doing have an excuse to hand like a dodgy tummy most people don't force food on you if they think you are ill - would also explain why you aren't drinking


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Hiya hun, I had one of those nights as well but thankfully everyone on here helped me to get through it but it wasnt easy, everyone was wanting me to eat and nobody knew that I was on a diet. Wishing ya all the best, take care