I need some help please


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I am so angry with myself:mad:. Over the last month i have lost about 16 lb for wich i am so happy.Then for some reason i have lost it the past couple of days and have just weighed myself and put 4lb back on since friday:cry:.
I tend to have an all or nothing attitude to slimming im either an angel or a devil.lol. Please could anyone give me some words of encouregment i would be soooo grateful.
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Hello Nix

I'm totally with you sweetheart!
I'm on Atkins right now and have been on SO many other diets, I even had the LAPBAND fitted.. I am in exactly the same position when it comes to dieting.. as soon as I see the weight is coming off.. I slip.. I've no idea why either..

All I can say is that you have RIGHT NOW.. forget a few moments ago when you ate something you shouldn't.. or couldn't fit into your jeans.. keep going back to your plan for weight loss.. it WILL happen..

We shouldn't beat ourselves up.. You really have to be kind to yourself.. OK.. so you gained back 4 pounds of the 16.. at least it wasn't five or six or even 16 pounds... you've still lost 12.. and you can lose that 4 again plus more..

The reason we have weight issues is because we do fall off the wagon.. no-one can eat only what's good for them or enough to sustain life..we are human beings who enjoy food.. we just need to enjoy less of it!.. ..

I've started Atkins induction so many times this past week and a half.. I went 8 days starting again every single day because the demon in me would have me munching on carbs (cereal and milk) at 9pm!.. I managed to go THREE days.. and then last night at FIVE sugar cookies.. I was SO mad at myself even when I was doing it.. but you know what? That time has gone.. I"m up again this morning and I'm back to my diet again.. the biggest mistake we make is to allow days to go by before we jump back on again... the fact that you are back again is FABULOUS!.. well done you!..

Baby steps.. take it one day at a time.. and if that's too much .. one meal at a time.. fight that demon who keeps telling you that you can eat what you want because you've lost so much that this little bit of something won't matter... we all know it DOES...

I've got my own diary on Atkins that I"m going to try to write in every day.. It is more about my thoughts and emotions towards food... the battle I'm having with myself everyday rather than just listing the foods I am or am not eating.. maybe you should try it too...

Good luck. I"m so glad I found this website.. we're all here for the same reasons.. and those who've succeeded should be able to give their words of advice too.... *actually.. YOU have succeeded.. you've lost weight already.. so your weight is going in the right direction

take care and BE NICE TO YOURSELF!.. don't forget to breathe!


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S: 19st0lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 35.5 Loss: 3st4lb(17.29%)
Hi kizzy. Thankyou so much for ur help. You are so right and i too am so glad ive found this site because its so good to encourage each other as anyone thats not had a weight problem has no idea how hard it is.Ive lost count of the times ive been told well just stop eating rubbish then.lol. Thanks again.


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My pleasure Nix..

YOu've no idea how many times I've been told to that I only need to zip my lips.. or 'just don't eat that then'... too.. they have NO idea..

take care! and GOOD LUCK!.. we CAN do this!


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don't beat yourself up. i have lost weight a couple of times and put it back on...and i do hate myself especially as its a potential health issue and i could have self inflicted fatty live [i used to kid myself well my bmi is in mid to high 20's so heavy but surely not so heavy it was a health issue] ..i now need to lose at least 4 and preferably 7 pound by 2nd march when i next go for blood test

good luck

it is not realistic to be an angel all the time with food. you can only do your best


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Don't be angry with yourself. We're not perfect and we're all bound to have days when we feel like falling off the wagon. What's more important is that we pick ourselves up and just move forward. Hang in there.


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The big part of this journey is excepting that, at time, we WILL slip up. If we are going to change our habits forever, we need to except the ebb and flow of it. There will be bad days but we WILL get there :) You have done sooo well, this is nothing more than a blip. Be proud and keep going xxx


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I am in the same boat, really not happy with it


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hi hun if i got a £ for everytime i've binged i would be a rich women lol, when i am doing it i say to myself ur gonna be annoyed after u've done it but it still doesn't stop me and yes i feel rotten afterwards sometimes i carry on for a few days until i can get back into the right frame of mind sometimes i get straight back to it i wish there was a switch we could flick back on ;) just know that ur not alone good luck x


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I think the trick is to get back on it, stat. You nor I, or anyone else here can help a momentary lapse in good eating... as my ww leader says "the key is keeping that one naughty day from becoming a naughty week or a naughty life" couldn't be truer.
Perhaps the test results aren't quite accurate. Let me explain.

The body tends to fluctuate in weight quite a bit every day. It could easily weight 4lbs. more at one point in the day than other. Think about the weight of food, water, and how much you have eliminated of those. There could easily be a weight peak in your day that you happened to weigh yourself during.

If you want to be sure of your results on the scale try this.

Always weigh yourself at the same time of day. For example: immediately after you wake up, and after that first glass of water, hop on the scale. Whatever time works for you but try to be consistent with the variables.

Also. Weigh yourself 4 times and eliminate any outliers. So if you do it 4 times and get 154, 155, 153 and 159. Ignore 159 and take the average of what is left. in this case, 154. This isn't necessary if you have a more expensive and more accurate scale to use. This is a problem with many budget scales, though. They can easily be off four pounds fairly often.

Maybe give this a shot and see. Perhaps, it was just an error in tracking.

Best luck, friend.


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Hi Nix
I'd like to echo what everyone else has said - you've lost weight and you're back here in the right frame of mind again. So well done girl!
One thing I found helpful is to try and eliminate the foods from the house that tempt you. It's okay for me as I don't have kids screaming for chocolate bars and crisps - that was usually me !!!!
Difficult if you have family around I know but it might be worth giving it a go. Instead, stock up with things that you like that are okay for your diet - with me on SW it's a very nice 0% fat yoghurt and a mandarin orange! I snack on these mid-morning and late evening and it stops the demons taking over.
BUT give yourself a not too "fattening" treat too - with me it's a glass (or 2) of dry white wine every night. And it's working for me. I don't feel deprived and I'm managing to keep up the weight loss. It won't be so rapid (I've only lost 8 lbs in 5 weeks as opposed to your 16 lbs in 4) but it' slow and steady and as I said I don't feel deprived.
Keep it up girl and good luck.


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I was in the same boat as you

Hi nix, just before xmas I was proud with myself for loosing 2 stone, then during the xmas period i ate as normal thinking that "Its Christmas" start again after xmas.
On weighing myself i was so mad with myself as i had put on 13lb in 3 weeks.
So my attitude was..ok, its my fault, no one elses so start again.
Im now pleased to say that i did start again and have this week lost all of the 13lb i had gained.. so think of it this way..you slipped but you can always stand and walk again, so go get back on it and dont worry the weight will go like mine did... good luck x ;)