I need some help.


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I need to find a counsellor/therapist/someone!

Not just for help with my weight problem but with other things too.

Can anyone suggest anybody in the Cambridge area or where I can look to find one?

I saw one earlier in the year but she was too pushy with her opinions and I could have really done without that.

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Thanks Mini. Pam is my CDC (and she is fab and lovely!!).

I wanted to try something llike hypnotherapy or something like that.
I know of one person but she lives too far away!
Thanks Mini. Pam is my CDC (and she is fab and lovely!!).

I wanted to try something llike hypnotherapy or something like that.
I know of one person but she lives too far away!

Hi fiona,

Sorry about that, I did not read it right in the first place.

Arty jo over on the Brides Diary thread is going through hypnotherapy for to help her with her eating and Diva and D_Q would know a good bit obout it.

I have gone to an NLP counsellor and I find him very good, was thinking of going back for a refresher.

Here is a link to your area.


Hi fiona,

It is crucial that you like your counsellor and that you feel you can form a good working relationship that is helpful to you.

I hope it all works out for you.

Love Mini xxx
In the meantime Fiona, we are all here to help if we can! love
You could try using a search engine to locate a hypnotherepist in your area. Why not have a good read of some of the Paul McKenna stuff on here too. Food is only one part of the problem, our heads do seem to be the real issue. Hope you can get sorted soon.

You made me cry! (Not so good when I sit in an office full of men!)

I know I'll get lots of support from you all and my lovely CDC.
I just push it all to the back of my mind because I never seem to have the time to worry about it. Do you know what I mean? I know that's not good but sometimes I just can't face dealing with it and it's easier to try and forget but it's still there in the background eating away at me.

Oh poo.

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Hi Fiona,

Sometimes we use food as a sedative against the pains and hurts of this world and it does work for a little while giving momentary relief.

The down side is that our bodies can't handle the excess calories that we don't use up in energy and the weight piles on.

As an emotional eater myself I know that my appetite for more grows as I try to feed the emotions with food, hoping that if I eat enough food I will bury all my hurt and pain and it will go away, but it does not work like that as I have found out...

Talking with a professional really does help as they have come across people like us so many times and it is nothing new to them and a good professional can help guide you through your valley of darkness out into the light where things don't look so bad or hopeless.

Your not alone and you have us to talk to as well who can understand where you are as most of us have been there at some point in our lives.

I have cried buckets and felt so overwhelmed at times, just wondering would I ever get my life back again...

A chain of events took place and one thing lead to another and now one year later I am five stone down. This last year has been transformation for me and has at times been very tough going, it was not always plain sailing as I got ship wrecked a couple of times.:( :( :(

But with support and help from others that had gone ahead of me and charted the unknown waters, they have made it that bit easier for me to follow in their wake as it drags me along at times when I feel I am going around in circles.
Hiya Fi....its great to see you over here on Minimins! :)

As you know hun, I'm more than happy to help you and it is the distance that gets in the way....however, even though I don't know of anyone in the Cambridge area personally, I will look in my directories to see who is around there. Definitely, an NLP Master Prac. will be able to help you but I should warn you that it could work out quite expensive.

Check out the Paul McKenna book "I Can Make you Thin" as a starter because it really does help to get your head in gear. However, as you know being overweight is only the result it is not the cause and that is where you need to go...to the root of the issue. Counsellor and therapists are very good and can help you, however, NLP eradicates the need for prolonged treatment as it deals with it in the here and now in a very effective manner....If you do go down the NLP route make sure that you use a Master Practitioner as there skill set is very different and much more effective than that of a Practitioner.

I'd be happy to book a private NLP session with you at Boot Camp and we can deal with it there ..let me know sweetie...:)

Hi Fiona

One thing I have found with hypno is the nearest to you may not be the best for you. I have had hypno twice in the past and I chose the individuals due to their easy location to me: it didn't work. This time I have looked for specific qualifications first and then seen if I can get to them; I now trog into central london every Wednesday! My guy incorporates hypno with NLP and he also does life coaching... I am quite surprised at how much 'therapy' there is involved in the hypno, but the different approaches mean it is not like I'm having counselling (which is something I really don't want as the things I have problems with happened a long time ago and can't be fixed...but I need tools to allow me to be more effective in the future).

I am definitely noticing great improvements with regards to food and the way I'm choosing...although I'm actually quite low today I've had tomato soup for lunch...out of choice (!) very strange :)

Good luck with your search, I really hope you find someone you feel comfortable with. Joe