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I need to change my soups ...

Does anyone have any idea how I can change my soups please? I bought broccoli and cheese which I absolutely hated, leek and potato which I hated nearly as much, vegetable which was bearable but really liked the spicy tomato and oriental chilli. I have my weigh in on Wednesday but that seems so far away when you don't have the right foods to keep you going.

My CDC is only in the City on Wednesdays (near work) but there is a local CDC who I have tried calling but have had no reply - I live in Catford, south east london.

Any suggestions? :confused:
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Are you saying you don't have enough flavours that you like to last you until your weigh in?

You can try spicing up those that you're not so keen on. I add black pepper, paprika, chilli flakes and herbs to mine (although not all at once). You could get some vegetable bouillion from the supermarket to add to them, although don't use too much as it is very salty.Or try watering them down a bit, so the flavour is not so strong.

I'd offer to help, but I'm not working in town until Thursday, by which time you would have been able to swap.

My only other suggestion is perhaps to start a new thread with a new title, specifically stating your areas and asking if someone might be able to help you out.

I hope you manage to get sorted.
Dennie, sorry to hear you don't like your soups, I had the exact same problem last year, I HATED THEM AAAALLLLLL, my cdc was on holiday at the time but I did manage to find a lovely cdc in my area who was willing to swap them for me.
Have you been onto the Cambridge Diet website, there is a list of cdc's on there with their tel. no's.

I do hope you get them swapped hun, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xxx
xx sj xx
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cheese & brocolli BRRUUUUGGHHHH I felt like someone had done something nasty in my mouth!!! DISCUSTING



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I found when I tried something I wasn't keen on again it wasn't as bad. Think you need a few days to get used to the change in tastes and texture - I do use quite a bit of black pepper in my soups, and usually use at least 300ml of water in them as don't like things too strong.

Agree re the potato and leek though and the thought of the broccoli and cheese - eeeuuuggghhh!

Hope you get sorted!!
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I tried the broccoli and cheese ones and im going to change them, they were horrible ive got to agree with you all, Tomato are the best.
The soups really do take some getting used to, the cheese and broccoli are definatley the worst, I like the oriental chilli, at least there is something to chew on (well sort of) and the ecstasy of a slither of pepper .....well what can I say, i sad I know. Has any one found that the occassional tomato one really sweet, makes me gag!!!

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