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I need to get back on the road!

Try on some of your old 'fat' clothes (if you have any) and see how loose they feel! Why did u want to lose weight in the first place? Do those reasons still count?
I wanted to lose weight for a few reasons..

1. I was always large in school, I was really quiet, so I thought that maybe coming out of my shell and losing weight would help me, and it did. But now all my friends are doing so much better than me, and I have to say I'm so jealous of their willpower!
2. I have some fat clothes, but I'm terrified to try them on in case I've started fitting back into them!
3. I ALWAYS seem to be ill so it throws me off with walking, exercising etc. like right now, I yet again, have the flu, and its kicking my ASS!
aw hun you have willpower its just flagging a bit right now. youve lost 2 stone - i doubt fat clothes will still fit properly :) did you measure urself before u started to lose weight? you could compare measurements to figure out inch loss
no i didnt, and its the one thing i regret not doing! I gave up chocolate and sweeties for Lent, so there is willpower there, i just dont know if it can focus on more than one thing at a time. Im seriously thinking that in one week when lent is over, im going to pig out completely with an easter egg and the sweets I've missed and then REALLY go for it. I'll be good until next Sunday, be bad ON Sunday, then be good from Monday on. I recently found my wedding dress so I need to lose weight to be comfortable with myself, let alone the dress, and I have a year to do it.
maybe u could measure urself now and keep track of loss from this point on. yeah u could just have a blow-out and restart, chances are youll do well because u know u have sunday off, and since its only 1 day of being naughty it shouldnt do too much damage :)
Ive already had some lol
You're a legend! HAHA!

Im havin so many problems with trying to get my signature to work, and to get an Avatar up. Its driving me to drink!!

....never mind. Got IT!
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the easter eggs were just there looking at me i had to eat them lol still having problems?
Nope, just grasped the fact that I'm a dope! lol.
I hid my easter egg so I couldn't have it. Its only a mini[min] one anyway ;) see what I did there?
I was more interested in the free toy that comes with it anyway! Heard of Freddo the Cadbury Frog? There's a free Freddo Frog teddy with it:) Can't wait to give him an "Easter-Sunday-get-out-of-my-way-there's-chocolate" hug! I love Freddo's! How he ever found it I dunno, but I love it!
I'll be uber-good until then though, well, i'll try at least! One thing I find that helps, is I listen to my FAVORITE music when I'm in a good or bad mood, and when I would usually eat, I dance along... that includes walking down the road!
very clever mini[min] pun lol ur practically a genius :D ur egg sounds awesome and i totally want one. im the same with dancing down the road, whenever im out and about walking somewhere i have music on, i sometimes even sing without noticing im doing it, which makes things interesting lol
I'm pretty sure we're the same person. It was only when I was being laughed at by 13 yr old boys that I was singing "Give it to me baby like boom boom boom!" out loud. Embarrassing? Hell yeah! Music keeps me going, I don't know what I'd do without it. There's this club where I live called Fusion. When we go out, for me, its not about drinking. Its about hitting the dancefloor, and dancing till my legs fall off. I can dance, I know I can, I've been told I can, but when Im out is the time I get enough confidence to just GO! I love it so much. My wedding will be.... hilarious. HA!

What kinda music are you into? that keeps you motivated?
possibly the WORST piece of lyrics to sing out loud to a minor child lol I looooooove music - all sorts i dont care what it is. I like 70's n 80's stuff and im not scared to admit it lol i like stuff like foo fighters, avenged sevenfold, killswitch engage, i think im a bit of a rock chick at heart :) but ill listen to and enjoy literally any music. how about u?
Well, I was raised on Status Quo, Celine Dion, and Garth Brooks. My life was awful! haha I LOVE Avenged Sevenfold, Nirvana, Metallica, was a huge fan of Trivium all those years ago.... I still listen to them the odd time, but the likes of All Time Low and that keep me occupied. But when Im in my fitness phase [;)] I listen to the likes of Rihanna, Ke$ha... basically anything with an uptempo beat to keep me pushing through! :)
yeah its kind of hard to work out to rock music, cant imagine doing star jumps to 'enter sandman' lol weve got a lot in common its getting a bit weird :D
LOL. Oh man, thats like a scene you'd see in Alan Partridge or something:) Or on Oops Tv or something. Lol. We have a bit in common, brilliant! How old are you? :)
can imagine ricky gervais doing it in The Office lol id sooo watch that :D im 23 u?
that'd be SO funny. DITTO! Turned 23 last month! :) What weight are you? LOL just kidding. I'd sound like a right freak then! AHAHA it'd be like a case on Criminal Minds! "The unsub stole her identity by finding out the victims age and weight, what a dangerous way to make friends" LOL!
'and beat her to death with a freddo frog that came from an unknown source' :D ahahaaaa

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