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I need to have a moan,,, (sorry)

Well my day started out ok but then turned into aa disaster,
Work has been doing my head in all day,i am a chef in a residential home and cater for 40 poeple by myself, i make them dinner,cakes,biscuits,bread and puddings,but that is still not enough,I work 6 days a week 10-5.the amount of work i do for the managers aswell,which i dont get paid any extra for,they thiink i will do anything for them,and they know i am scared of losing the jobso there milking it,,but ive thought to myself its got to stop now,

So my diet has gone out the window today and i am finding it hard to stay motivated,

Im sorry to moan on here,but got no one else to moan,but ill stop for now

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Hey Phil,

Do you have a copy of your employee T&C's or your offer letter with your job description on it?

It would be worth having a look at exactly what your duties are and then discussing your concerns with your line manager if you are being asked to complete tasks outside of your remit.

You are more than entitled to request a copy of your job description and if it turn aout you are doing more than your description entails that you either need to push back, discuss your role/salary and maybe request of they want you to do all of this extra work to look at a possible promotion.

I am a manager in my place of work and i deal with a lot of HR issues similar to this. I underatand we are all lucky to be in employment at the moment in the current climate but its not an excuse for your place of work to put extra pressure and responsibility on you and for you to be in fear of losing your job. Its almost on the bullying, harrasment and victimisation line so its essential you get this sorted and voice your concerns sooner rather than later.

Dont let it get to you though mate, keep on plan tomorrow, get straight back on it and try not to let anyone influence your weight loss.

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i used to do the same job hun, and not only were the management pushy the old people could be ungrateful too, slogging away hard at work and they would moan about little things or becuase one person didnt like it. and for what money! i found it hard when i worked there too where food was concerned. Either put your foot down hun or find a job where you'll be happy, if you must snack snack on free foods! syn free pancakes are my fav! :)


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Sorry to hear you are having a bad old day of it Phil!

The reality is that most people who have employment are finding that they are being called upon to do more and more beyond what was 'normal' as everyone seems to be suffering in this recession.

However it is widely reported that employers are also using this recession to take advantage of the situation.

I would try and look at all these extra duties as a way of bulking up your CV so that when the upturn comes you will be ready with good experience to look for another job.

Everyone is entitled from time to time to have a down day...so try now and put it behind you and move forward as you do not want to throw away all your good progress on your diet journey.

Sending *HUGS*

Love Mini xxx
Thankyou for all your comments,
if i asked for a copy of my contract,hell would brake loose.
Sometimes things just get on top of me,its not the cooking as ive been a chef for 6 years,its just the attitude and ungreatfulness.

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arrrrrgh!! Back at ya.

I can only imagine what a day you'v had, and its so true what these other ladies have been saying about employers taking advantage of the situation..
My Oh's company are being a bit like that atm, He works so hard and they'r bringing in sneaky little changes that mean less pass and expenses but just as much, or if not work. Its super frustrating, but how to complain without making yourself a target??

Everyone has days like this, But tomorrow is another day, and after Wi is a nother week to jump back on the wagon and rectify any gains that may show this week, but i can't imagine you'v done enough damage to gain. Your doing so well and should be darn proud of yourself. I always find thowing myself into food optimising at hard times gives me somthing else to focus on, and not only that but each time gives me a bit more confidence that i can stay on track no matter how hard things can get, because this wont be the only bad day youl have.. there will be other ones, and its about knowing how to deal with them without turning to food. Unless you really want to, then do.. and like i said, just jump back on tomorrow.

Sending you lots of hugs and slimming thoughts darlin'.. keep smilin. xx
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Good job its not me doing the cooking hun the mood I'm in tonight, I'd have slippled em something in the dinner to make em think (or run to the loo). Try and turn the negatives into positives, I know its hard, but keep a smile on your face babes. These things will sort themselves out eventually for the better, even if that means you move on, but in the meantime, have a word with your boss and see if you can have some help in the kitchen to take some pressure off, and remember, you can always just say "sorry, but no I cann't do that" What they gonna do, shoot you. Your a chef, not a general dogs boddy, unless you let yourself be one. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. xx


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Hi Phil,

I was thinking the other day you sounded like you worked really hard. I think it must be tough to work hard in such a physically demanding job and have people being ungreatful. Some bosses and managers do take the P*ss but not all. Mini's advice of using the experience to add to your CV seems like the best way of turning a negative into a posative.

Foodwise tomorrow is another day. If it was that easy with no challanges we would all be at target now!
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don't apologies about moaning, you need to get it off your chest :) i hope you feel better at work tomorrow *hugs*


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Hi hun, hope you feel better tomorow x


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Ugh work problems are hard as it can be all 'political' and awkward!

I agree with the others, and that you need to review your working T&Cs to see exactly what your role is. Call a 1 to 1 with your line manager (or managers) and explain that though you're happy to help that you're feeling you're doing more than you're paid for and ask whether they are prepared to increase your salary. My friend did this and approached it in a really nice way, and when they said no, she voiced her concern that if she made a mistake doing work outside her scope, who would the fault lie with, especially for tasks she had no training in. They soon changed things for her!

It's hard to face work bullies/p*ss takers but you need to do it - otherwise it'll get worse. Plus, if they think they can take the mickey out of you they will.

Good luck hun - I feel for you. Work stress is awful!




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At our place, all job descriptions have your list of duties, and then the last one that says "and help where needed". They have you over a barrel!

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